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Chilly Morning But Great Walk


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 12-7-2021

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Morning came too early today. After a breakfast of two eggs, potatoes, bell pepper and onions with hot Decaf Green Tea, we headed to the walking areas. A quick look at the damp cold breeze at the Beach Park sent us to the Memorial Park where there is trees to block lots of the winds. The OFM was feeling decent for a change and we set a new time record for our 1.5 miles. The cloudy foggy weather kept the camera out of action so the OFM just kept on moving. It was a great start to the busy day.

A food shopping trip was next on the agenda and it went sort of well. Rockport Walmart is having some serious resupply troubles with foods. We were able to get most of what we wanted and something adequate for what was not available.

The blog entry of yesterday on art paper finally got the OFM motivated and we went through the art papers we have in the Castle. After sorting out the pile of different papers, we found that there is paper enough for over forty more paintings waiting for our action. The rest will likely end up in Grandkid Land.

So we started on doing the layout work for a new painting. As we scrounged around we found a whimsy painting done sometime in 2021 in a just messing around moment. It is named SQUIRMS and is the result of an article on the internet on blending and other special effects.

It was fun to do and learn to do. The OFM definitely will need to practice more on squirming type of art technique.

All the paper sorting got the OFM to piddling with a new painting to attempt. In about an hour and a half he had a concept to work with and got the plan put on paper with a minimum starting effort before it was supper time. So here is a picture of the new painting planning situation.

Speaking of supper it was very good tonight. The OFM chipped up two seasoned poached chicken breasts, diced some white onion and green bell pepper and added a salad mix of his choosing from Walmart. Mixed it up a bit then added Honey Mustard dressing and a drizzle of Lawlers BBQ sauce. The three cups of hot decaf Green Tea really topped it off nicely. It was really tasty and hit his tummy spot perfectly.

Well that is about it for tonight after a busy day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Ha. You've eaten very well, had a good walk, and have started a new painting. Now there's a good day. Meanwhile, I keep forgetting to mention my enjoyment of your header photo.