Our World Suddenly Changed For The Better


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 12-29-2021

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The morning started with the OFM having a very sore ankle/foot and gimping around like a wimpy old fat man. And the morning was progressing just like an old gimpy fat man. We went out for a ride since a decent walk would take several hours at his pace this morning. In fact we even went to the Aransas Pass Whataburger for breakfast to catch up on the old groups nonsense. And it was nonsense. We soon headed out for our meanderings around Rockport to let the OFM try to make some choice about the near future.

The meandering took us to the Fulton Harbor area fishing spot. The old ruins out in the water were serving as the posing place for three white pelicans. It turned out to be a really beautiful picture in our opinion.

From there is was just back to the Castle and healing we hoped. Some Ibuprofen went down the hatch and the computer got going. It was about 1000 by now and some life changing emails were waiting our attention.

But first a bit of information. Among many bloggers, groups develop according to many different enjoyments. The OFM Teams have a few folks that report to each other about real things in areas instead of news reports garbage.

To our amazement we had two reports from down near Falcon Lake that the OFM Teams need to get on down there. Another one from up near Del Rio said essentially the same thing. So what we had is a serious decision to make now. Do we go or stay here for a fourth month? Within thirty minutes of getting back to the Castle after breakfast we were deep into preparing to get rolling. We did not know where yet, but the rig getting ready doesn't care where. It only cares if and only if rolling had been decided. AND IT HAS.

Shortly after the decision to roll, the decision was to book a week at Falcon Lake State Park and check out the area to our satisfaction. We were able to book our favorite campsite across the street from the rest room right where three branches of the interlocking trails in the park intersect each other.

We have had a big day of checking what has been neglected in the last three months and making a few lists of things like groceries to take and any special supplies. One wonderful thought was having a Whataburger for lunch next Sunday in Roma Texas. Of course the Mexican food down there can be pretty good too.

Supper tonight was a great chicken salad

while planning on a bunch of things to do for having tooooo much fun 150 miles down southwest of Rockport on the Rio Grande River.


  1. My bet is things will be okey-dokey there. YES!!! Public "news" reports can be very unreliable as to what day to day living is like, and prefer alarmist information about the border, so I am glad you have some on-the-ground reports to go on. Glad you have decided to roll. And I am charmed by the white pelican photo. The biggest number of white pelicans I ever saw at once was in Colorado! (I'm pretty sure about that. It certainly wasn't the TX coast.)

    1. There used to be hundreds in one big group on the Columbia River in Washington state when I worked up there.

  2. You should do a painting of your salad - great colors! Safe travels.

  3. I am too simple minded to handle all those colors and shapes.

  4. The largest number of pelicans I've ever seen was on a lake in the Nebraska sandhills. There must have been a couple hundred of them -- it was amazing.