Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


What Next?


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 12-4-2021

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When the OFM and the Castle hit the road over 14 years and 300,000 miles ago to full time RV for the rest of his life, his family history indicated to him that he might live until he was 70 and have to stop RVing due to quitting breathing or at least incapacitation of some sort. Well that time frame went whizzing past five years ago.

What has been very noticeable in the last couple of years is that the Teams have been to every place or someplace very much like them, that the OFM had a goal of visiting. So as we sat here at the Castle's do everything table today plotting our get away from the Texas coast, it was again obvious that we did not have a special desire to head out to anywhere. No we have not been everywhere. However it seems to the OFM that we have been to mountains of the grandest type. The lowest place in the USA a few times. A beach on all three coasts. Been into the three biggest canyons in the USA more than once. Kayaked on lots of rivers and lakes across the country. Biked on trail and no trails in mountains, deserts, forests and rode The Trail of the Hiawatha once and every biker needs to ride that trail.

At the time of the event, the OFM had no idea how important the 15 months of hiking all over South Vietnam would be later. Such a wonderful memory of that gorgeous country. The situation and politics were sickening but the country is beautiful. The view from the top of Nui Ke mountain was phenomenal and the beaches of Cam Rahn Bay at the hospital facilities are still wonderful memories.

Folks ask where is the OFM's favorite place so he tells them everywhere. But tonight the most awe inspiring few minutes of travel is revealed. We had hiked up to Delicate Arch in Canyonlands Utah in the dark/dim light of early morning. We were the first folks there that morning. The OFM walked up to Delicate Arch and placed a hand on THE ARCH to keep his balance and not fall over the rim. The Team watched the fresh new morning sun break over the rim and illuminate us. WOW to put it mildly.

Arch pic

Shortly after the sun cleared the rim the hordes of noisy folks started to arrive. And the Team gently walked out of the bowl and the long walk back to the truck.

We have no hope to ever generate a better travel memory than that. To keep things in proper perspective, the absolute highest point of the OFM's life was holding his few minutes old son in the birthing room at the hospital. Nothing can ever come close to that.

With all the great adventures we have had we are trying to figure out what to do next. Perhaps that is a wonderful problem to have when you are busy trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I guess I'm fortunate because when I started my full-timing life I didn't have any goals, other than to be someplace I was happy, and of course that changes with the seasons, and the temperatures.

    I did all that traveling you're talking about, in various RVs when I was younger so I no longer have a desire to see a lot of places I've been before either, especially places that are crowded like most of the National Parks. And that's why when I became a full-timer I didn't have any goals to be anywhere, or to do anything, and without goals to accomplish I can be anywhere, and do anything that I feel like doing that day without feeling like I'm missing out on something or letting myself down.

    For me living in an RV is not about the places I go, it's the freedom to go, or not go, anytime I want. That's just me of course, but I feel like the challenge of that kind of lifestyle is what makes me happy, and looking forward to every new day.


  2. Great post. Life is great when you can appreciate it. My favorite place is/was in Utah also.

    Thanks, Barney

  3. I've had similar thoughts lately of what to do next. I've been thinking about maybe buying a boat and sailing around the world. Uncle Sam sent me on a few cruises back in the 70's and I saw a lot of the world. But maybe, just maybe, I lost something in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean back then and I need to go find it.

    As for you Barney, I predict you end up somewhere that is easier driving distance between your family and the coast. Good luck finding that spot.

  4. Yes. I sometimes feel I have been to so many wonderful places...and all in the continental USA, unlike you who have found beauty in a far away land in the most dreadful of circumstances. As I am a year older than you, there is one extra year of memories. There seem to be so many people these days!!!

    Meanwhile, what kind of paper do you like for your colored pencil drawings? I have thought of taking it up....I have a lot of the pencils (way too many art supplies).

    And yes, we are very lucky that we still have options about what and where and when.

    1. Tonight the blog will mention paper troubles, so expect a blog on papers for my chosen mediums in the very near future. I am going to make a point to find the most forgiving paper for me and publish what it turns out of be.