Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Forbidden Mountain


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-21-2022

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First is the family Covid report from Grandkid Land Alabama. Dad got tested and verified as Covid positive this morning. Gavin is doing well. Dad is getting worse as expected but he is vaxxed and boosted so the illness should be moderate for his duration. Piper and Melissa are doing fine still.

Rockport had a chilly night and morning but by noon the clouds were scattered and the sky blue. Here is an evening picture of Little Bay and the Crab statue taken this evening about 1700. Looks nice but the chilly wind made it a bit bitter cool.

Nearby is the Harbor Master's office. In the bushes out front were these beautiful small flowers blooming in good quantity . They are nice aren't they.

Most of the day until our late lunch we spent inside the Castle working on a small painting named Forbidden Mountain. We think it was a lot of fun.

Since his solitary time from the Covid infection he had was over, we stopped in at friend Don's place and visited with him and his wife. It was nice to get to visit them again in person. Things are going decent for them now.

Tonight is predicted 34F so we expect to have a slow start to the morning. Hopefully we will get some significant painting time in again and then get to go out in the afternoon trying to have tooooo much fun outdoors.


  1. Hey old Dude....I check in now and then and I just have to say I appreciate the efforts you take to post your stories.
    Thanks, David