Sun Dial


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: October 3, 2023

This day has no special events in it to put in the blog tonight. The biggest thing was a good morning to take a few nice pictures to show our readers. We took the path out from the campground entrance that goes down and around to the other end of the hike and bike path we normally walk from the other end.

When we got near a golf hole green we grabbed this picture since it was a pleasant scene.

When we got to the correct turn we turned right and onto the maintenance road around the golf course. We followed the nicely paved surface past a lake from the golf course at the one mile mark. Then a little past that we came to the path end of the hike and bike path as it intersects the road.

It is a heavily wooded path that had a lot of freshly fallen trees lying around the sides of the path.

On the creek side of the path we got a nice picture of a duck family out for breakfast enjoying the peace and quiet.

At one spot there were several large piles of cut up trees and shrubs. Near them was this old tree that was in the process of coming down.

From here we returned to the Castle for a bit over two miles of nice walking in cool weather.

The last of the colorings is here tonight for its turn to be seen. For your enjoyment we have Sun Dial for you.


This was a very nice drawing to color and gave the OFM several chances to add and delete things about the drawing to suit him better.

This was such a calm day that the OFM walked on three more shorter walks to get up and move just to get up and move. We have some places in the area to go check out for getting the work done on the Castle that we are wanting to have done. We will see how it works out during the next few weeks. In the mean time we will doing our best at trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. The pictures of your walk are making me jealous, maybe in the not-too-distant future we could share it.
    I really like the variety of colours you used on your picture. It shows you were having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Point Mallard Campground, Alabama is in the middle of most of those walks. Been coming here each summer for about 12 years now, I call it grandkid land.

  2. It IS a lovely walk....apparently there are no M's now (you know, high pitched zzzzz then bite!) (I hate to even recognize them by typing their name.

  3. Virtually never any of them here. There are other nuisance flying bugs but bug bites are not normally a trouble here.

  4. Very nice environment surrounding you, Barney.

    1. It is nice here all but one month in summer and January is cold.