Fall Bench


Nectar Harvest

Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: October 2, 2023

We are back with no exciting news at all. It was a nice cool walk this morning with no worthwhile pictures taken. We tried several shots of reddening leaves but they came out as dull splotches in the photo. We guess they need more light to look like red leaves. We will keep trying.

But the walk was very pleasant and cool enough. Wheeler Lake, the part of the Tennessee River here, is being lowered for the winter. It is down about a foot now. Lots more of the lake bottom is showing and soon will be getting used for roaming around by folks. It might be a good time to pick up old fishing gear that got broken off during the warmer weather fishing. We even found a damaged rod and reel this morning. The rod tip was gone and the reel handle was missing. We laid it back next to the trail where we found it.

Supper tonight and tomorrow night is the pork salad we got from Lawlers this evening. They assemble a pretty good salad and it is definitely two meals for the OFM Team. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shredded cheese, a small container of some dried fruit and a big wad of shredded pork. It was about $10 take out.

We have another coloring for tonight. Its name is Nectar Harvest. This is a 5x7 and was a fun three day effort. We think it looks pretty decent.

That is it for the night. We are hoping to get busy tomorrow and learn something new for trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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