Morning Walk


Dirty Air

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-30-2020
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A cloud of dust and a hearty ayyy-yi-yi-yuk as we realized the foreign dust had finally made it to Del Rio Tx. In looking for a good side of the mess, we realized that the dust cloud was keeping the sun from burning the OFM’s bald head.  So we guess it is not all bad.

In the meantime the OFM’s keyboard and mouse we have had since forever had finally caused too much trouble and needed an immediate replacement.

 After some research and consulting with my private computer consultant (son) we hit up Walmart and came home with a cordless mouse and keyboard by Logitech. It cost $19.99 plus tax.  Installation amounted to plugging the transmitter into a port and waiting about ten minutes for the equipment to self set up EVERYTHING.  Wow the new stuff even came with the batteries needed.

Not having the extra 12 feet of cords for the external keyboard and mouse getting in the way makes the Castle seem three feet longer with all the extra space we have now. The new equipment is working fantastically.

We did a little house cleaning and cooking but mostly just let the left foot heal and by tonight the foot swelling is gone and the pain is non-existent.  So the taking it easy on the foot has been the right thing to do.  That means tomorrow we will be clear to run around again trying to have tooooo much fun.

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