Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Washington State Hike

Adventure Location:  Yakima, Washington
Adventure Date: About 6-25-2005 We guess.
Click the pic to enlarge it.  

 The OFM was day dreaming a few weeks ago about some of the great hikes he made in Washington State when he was a young man in his late 50‘s. One particular viewpoint popped into his mind of a resting tree on the top of a barren hill that overlooked the trail ahead somewhere west of Yakima we think. This led to tonight’s painting.

Anyway it was a nice day with decent weather and few bugs. The hike up had been nice and reasonable slope and we topped the high point and looked forward to the down hill trail back to the car.  As you will see in the painting there was still a lot of up and down to go before we finished the adventure. But the lone tree at the top had polished bark on the side where lots of other hikers had rested over the years.

It was another great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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