Nice Morning


Unusual Event

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-27-2005
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 The OFM got the teams out for some good walking exercise this morning in spite of a wild unusual natural event.  After Sierra got us safely to Diablo East Parking area in the slight misty rain, the OFM grabbed the camera and his hat and walked over to the overlook area to take this astounding picture.

In the forty years we have been coming here, this is the first time we have seen so much precipitation coming into the area. As it worked out the OFM Walking Team got in a good walk in the light rain. We do not know how far we went but the time frame was almost an hour of good aerobic walking before the rain started to get heavier.  We hopped into Sierra and headed for the Castle.

Now why is the OFM’s hat hanging from the bedroom ceiling.  Since the OFM was wearing the hat in the heavy air for the walk it was damp. So he brought the hat in to dry it out. When he had it in the house he noticed that the head band and crown of the hat were filthy.  So the hat got to take a soapy bath in the tub.  Actually it took three baths to get it clean.  The hat will likely weigh about 6.9427 pounds less the next time the OFM wears it. 

Naturally the hat was soaking wet wet after all that water fun. So what you see is the hat hanging from the bedroom ceiling where the circulation fan can blow on it and help it dry before tomorrow.

Having a fresh clean hat is a great way of helping your head to feel better when you try to have tooooo much fun in the sun.

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