Too Hot

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-8-2020
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The day was plain until we got to the Diablo East Boat Ramp Parking Lot for a long walk.  After Sierra got us set up in a great parking spot, things started getting better at every new turn of events.

The OFM got his walking hat, water bottle and the camera and we were off to the walk. He decided to do the steep long ramp first this morning. It turned out to be a wise choice.  As he turned to head to the ramp a new friend was coming across the parking lot to greet us.  The OFM gave out a nice Howdy like a good Texan should. the new friend paused and waved a leg.  We visited a few minutes and got a nice picture of the new friend.

We think it was a female and a very large female at that. But she had things to do and had to hurry on along. So we said our good-bye and headed on out for a nice walk.

The walk down to the ramp is tough on the legs due to the steep incline and the OFM legs were not happy with the chore.  They made the Teams stop and rest at the resting shelter about half way down.  This was not usual. Then we made it to the bottom and saw a couple of fish swimming right along the ramp. The OFM could not identify them but they were fast swimmers.

After a little meandering around the ramp area, we started back up the ramp. Boy o Boy the OFM legs were not liking that. And the temperature was already getting pretty warm.  The wind blowing was like a hair dryer set on high.

About half way back up the OFM noticed a ridge trail he had not walked in several years. It would be a less steep trail to enjoy as a break.  Here is the head of the trail that runs along a cliff next to the ramp.

As we got going on the trail, it seemed a lot rougher than 5-8 years ago but we were taking our time and doing ok. This is only about 1/4 mile trail. The OFM was still having a bit of reluctance from his legs but we carried on anyway. The sun got hotter fast. Near the end of our outward walk the OFM got near the edge to take this photo of a boat launching down below us. With the hot sun reflecting off the water it made a neat picture.

We soon headed back to the start of the trail and made it back to the steep ramp to head on up to the top for more walking.  At the top the OFM legs were discussing how much more they could handle. The decision was to do a loop on the moderately level parking lot and then see how things were going. By the time we got that loop done, the OFM was getting too hot in the high temperature hair dryer wind and sun. We went back to Sierra.

As we were putting things in order, the OFM turned on Sierra and the dash temperature gage showed 98 for the outside temperature. Now we knew what the real trouble was ...... heat cramps.  So getting back in Sierra and the AC soon relieved the discomforts and the Team members did a lot better the rest of the day. Just for general info in the afternoon it hit 104F.

The AC in the Castle has been running steady all day without a rest. That is wonderful.  Staying inside in the AC on HOT days is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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