"Cool" Tour

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-9-2020
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Spur 406 campground here in the Amistad NRA was recently reopened for camping.  We decided to go take a look and see what shape it is in. So Sierra got to get on the road and run a little for a change.  The campground is about 20 miles from where we are camped at Broke Mill.

We found the entrance road just fine and easily rolled down the road between the hills to the entrance to the park.  It looked to be in good shape for camping with the freshly cut weeds and the shelters in good repair. Here is a couple of the camping sites.

The road goes straight through the campground to the boat ramp. The boat ramp is just the old highway going on into the lake.  However with the lake being 46 feet low, you get a tour of what used to be lake bottom for abut a half mile before you get to the lake water.

This is open for paddle craft launching and fishing. We recommend that trailer launching a boat not be attempted. 

We grabbed another picture to the left of the one above just to show the area and the ponding that happens when the lake drops lower.

This campground has the only dispersed free camping in the NRA so we slipped in to check if it was in shape for use.  Yet it was ready for some totally lonesome camping experiences.

As we headed back home, we paid attention to the vault toilets and they were ready for campers.  The trip back to the Castle was a nice ride through the dry HOT countryside. However the tour in the air conditioned Sierra was a nice way of getting out of the Castle and trying to have some “cool” tooooo much fun.

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