Nice Morning


Backing Up

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-21-2020
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It was a HOT one today.  The new AC is earning its keep for sure. We think it only hit 101F at the peak today but the Castle stayed decently cool inside. 

After the fresh fruit trip to Walmart we did not feel that the OFM could handle the heat to get out brisk walking. It is nice to be 4.1 miles from a SuperWalmart and still out in the desert.  A bit of Castle cleaning and some reading about how Val Verde County, which includes Del Rio, is backing up on the opening of the area from the flu.  It seems they have recorded a sharp uptick in the reported cases in our area.  So the powers that be reset the restrictions back a few weeks. 

The OFM Teams think this was warranted from all the not masked folks clustered in large groups all over town and at the lake. Keeping the volume of cases down to a manageable volume for the medical facilities is wise in our opinion.

So after lunch the Teams decided to go see how bad the Pecos River was down. some nice pictures were taken. However they will have to wait for culling and editing tomorrow.

While sitting here getting things organized this evening the OFM looked out the window of the Castle and saw a huge odd cloud hanging over the hill near us. We thought it was pretty neat.

Then a couple of minutes later a cloud like another crashed jet trainer plane came up.  We are pretty sure it was just an ordinary cloud because we did not hear any explosion or emergency vehicles out on the road.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another day of over 100 F. so it should be a good one for being inside with the AC when we are trying to have tooooo much fun.

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