Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Tough Walking

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-28-2020

 The morning walk was on a surface of loose rocks and boulders.  The OFM was trying to add some extra exercise into the effort.  Well let me tell you he added plenty of extra exercise. Lots of tripping hazards and plenty of loose rocks to roll under foot and try to create a sprained ankle.  Thankfully he did not hurt himself but we will not be hitting up that area again.

Since it was Sunday the entire town of Del Rio seemed to be out for fun at the lake access points. We think it is great to see folks out playing at the lake.  So we stayed at the Castle and played it safe after the hazardous walk.

A  neat blog is named the Rolling Steel Tent.  Al roams all over the place and reports in on lots of neat places he camps and tries to have tooooo much fun.

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