Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


454 Boat Ramp Area Walk

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-19-2020
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It was a cloudy morning with lite sprinkles so the OFM Shopping Team headed to Walmart for fresh vegetables and fruit for the weekend.  The store was not crowded at all and the shopping was nice. $24 later we made it back to the Castle ready for the weekend.

The day turned hot and sunshine with nice skies so we went for a walk at the spur 454 picnic area. Sierra got us parked at a nice spot near the boat ramp and the OFM got the water bottle ready to take a walk along the cliffs. There is no trail exactly.  Fisherfolks have left evidence of passage but you still have to choose your own walking place on the edge. Here is the place we started.

All you do is meander along the edge of the cliffs and the brush line. The brush is not fun to fight the thorns and grass burrs so we stay near the edge. As we made our way along the cliffs there were many opportunities for great pictures. Here is a couple of pictures before the turn around.


We had hoped to make a look around and come back at the boat ramp but a steep ugly arroyo got in the way and we had to back track to Sierra. As the OFM stood there he realized that across the road was another loop on the other side of the boat ramp road that went out to a now exposed peninsula that we had never explored.

We crossed the road to a “trail” that led around a hill to the edge of the slope down to the water. At the edge of the slope we took this picture to show the destination.

Then we started down the loose rock slope for the water.  It was a bit of a difficulty picking our way down through the loose rocks but we made it just fine. When we got to the far waters edge this picture up the slope was taken.

As we looked around here and there the OFM noticed a black object swimming toward us in the extremely clear water.  When it got close enough it was identified as a very large catfish. This picture is an enlargement from the original.  The fish was about a hundred feet from us.

With the disappearance of the clouds and the temperature climbing quickly, we chose to retrace our steps up the slope and head for Sierra and the AC.

By the time we returned to Sierra it was up into the high 90‘s F and we were ready to get in out of the HOT sun. But it still made a great adventure for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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