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Filleting A Cantaloupe

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-7-2020
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Not a lot of excitement today but we will start with the most exciting part.  The OFM was filleting a cantaloupe at the sink. The cantaloupe was behaving very well but for some reason the OFM stuck the super sharp knife through the cantaloupe and about 3/8“ into the end of a finger.

 We never knew a finger could bleed like that. It seemed like it took about three days to get the bleeding under control. Probably the wet hands and cantaloupe juices helped keep the flow moving right on along.

Anyway the bleeding got stopped within a few days it seemed. Then a bandage was wrapped across the end of the finger and the puncture wound is doing just fine tonight. For a few minutes there the OFM was afraid he might have hurt himself.

With more research on the stay or roll issue it became obvious that the best place for the OFM Teams for the next couple of weeks is right here in Del Rio.  No civil unrest and only 16 total flu cases since it all started in March. No deaths were recorded either. So the OFM signed us up for another month here in Paradise. 

One idea the OFM has in his tiny brain is to take a few day trips to some locations we have not been to in a good while and check out the current situation at them.  That could work out to be a pretty good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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