Gentle Cooking

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-24-2020

To poach is to slowly simmer food in liquid until it is cooked. It is a very gentle and gradual way to cook, fitting for delicate foods such as eggs, fish and fruit. 

The OFM has always preferred his cooked foods to be cooked more gently than most other folks. For instance he much prefers BBQ prepared in the indirect heat style. He has for years thought that poaching style cooking is just another name for boiling the food. A couple of months ago he found out the real difference and has found it to be very good for cooking nearly everything he eats. 

The downside to most folks is it takes a few minutes longer to prepare the food.  The upside is the food is not as dry and retains most of the delicate flavors that makes many foods taste special. We have found that poaching and microwaving run a close race for keeping the food flavors in the food.

Today has been a slow day. The high spot of the day was the afternoon snack.  Fresh strawberries and cheap rootbeer made it great snack. YUM YUM.

As you can tell things are slow around the Castle these days, but we still do our best to try to have tooooo much fun.

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