Nailed It

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-23-2020
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The refrigerator was checked right after the morning walk and found lacking in supplies the OFM was interested in eating today. We are only 4.1 miles to the Super Walmart in Del Rio so food is always close by.

The OFM thought about it and decided the Teams needed some more fresh fruit and vegetables. So the list was put in his pocket and away Sierra took us on the long drive, six minutes, to the store.

The goofy OFM is like a kid in a candy store with money when he gets into the vegetable section of Walmart. We kept him down to a reasonable amount today.  A fresh yellow squash, a fresh green bell pepper and that was all the vegetables. A few more items that were needed and out the door we went for just under $10.

Then the rest of the day was very peaceful, especially the nice half hour nap right after lunch.  Then we worked on planning some more paintings when the one in progress is finished.

As the day slid on toward evening the OFM’s tummy reminded him he needed to consider what to have for supper. After a big mental battle (for him anyway) he came up with a great plan.  We would cut up some squash, bell pepper, onion and two of the small ham steaks we got today and do a modified poach/stir fry for supper.

Well supper time got close and he got busy. The squash, bell pepper, onion and ham were put into a 2 quart pot. Fresh ground black pepper was added and then a healthy sprinkling of Italian Seasoning was added.  Water was added, about an eighth of an inch, along with a good dollop of olive oil.  

The concept is use a heat setting that barely boils the water so the vegetables get steamed. Then when the water is gone, about a minute of conventional stir fry is done.  That gives us done vegetables with just a hint of crisp. And let me tell you, The OFM absolutely nailed it today. That was some excellent eating FOR SURE.

Good grief that was a good finale to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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