Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-17-2020
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First things first.

You have been warned.

The OFM woke this morning with no pain for a change. It felt so odd he laid there checking if he was still breathing, heart pumping, eyes working, bladder very full. Yep to all of it so he got up and got busy. 

The most obvious thing he noticed is the hunger.  Migraines knock his hunger down a lot.  Today has been a makeup day. He was eating nearly everything in sight. For some reason Sierra got hacked off when the OFM took a bite of its front bumper for a snack when we were out running around this afternoon.

The early walk was wonderful after missing three days.  The temperature was nice and a good breeze sure helped also.  We hit the Diablo East area to get prickly pear cactus pictures for the computer storage.  The boat ramp is so steep it takes us 20 minutes to go down it and back up. Then we cut across the parking lot and down to the marina parking lot. Then back up to the upper parking lot. Then we took the short loop trail along an arroyo.  In all it was about 2 miles and the OFM legs were tired. especially for climbing the mountain called the boat ramp.

Along the ramp walk was a goofy looking plant that caught our attention. The OFM grabbed  a quick pic of it and we went over to look closer. Here is the distant picture.

The close up picture proved to show it as a much nicer looking plant we think.

We were very successful in getting many pictures for the art archives of prickly pear cactus and their fruit.  According to the Internet both the pads and the fruit are quite good to eat. Be warned that both the pads and the fruit have skin penetrating thorns on them.  Several of the fruits in the area have been having some critter chow down on them. However we found some fresh ones to show our readers.

The new AC is cooling much better than the old saltwater eaten on. It was wonderful while in the miserable throes of the migraine to be able to be comfortably cool. That $$$$ was well spent to replace the fifteen year old unit. 

Having a cool home is a wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun in the summer desert. 

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