Goat Shade

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 6-22-2020
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The website for the Pecos River boat ramp said it was open for use.  The last time, a few weeks ago, that we were there there was no water at the ramp.  So we needed an adventure and headed to the area to check out what was going on. The short answer is   drought is going on.

It was a nice ride and we made in down into the canyon on the long boat ramp.  Sierra got stopped and the OFM Meandering Team got out and took this picture of the “ramp”.

It looks like someone took a piece of equipment and made a small channel that kayaks could float in to get back to the ramp from the “river”.

Granted this is a major river running area from way upstream. Trips lasting several days are common.

We walked out on the dried mud of the river bottom and got a nice picture looking upstream.  Check out those clouds.

After messing around on the river bottom for a few minutes we headed back to Sierra to go up the ramp and across a couple of parking lots to the point from which we could see the Pecos River joining the Rio Grande River.

This is a picture of the mouth of the Pecos. See the small brown water ditch. That is what is left of the Rio Grande River. All the land on the other side is Mexico.  Notice the goat herd.  The rancher on the other side of the Pecos has had goats ever since forever. Notice the big rock ledge that looks like a chunk broke of some time ago.

We panned the camera to the right (upstream) a short distance to get a picture of the hanging gardens of the Pecos River.  Apparently some fault  in the rock catches enough dirt and water for the desert plants to grow there and thrive.

Check out the goats gathered in the shade of one of the gardens.  These are the smart goats to get out of the blazing sun.

And now the Teams had been in the 100 F air and the hot sun long enough. We hopped into Sierra, kicked on the AC and headed for the Castle 35 miles away. It was a good effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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