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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Too Much Peace and Quiet???

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

Please don’t give up on us finding adventure some day. It has been a bland last few days. The good news is another couple from Utah arrived safely today. The campground has three more campers due in soon. Then we will have a full house.

Each morning the Teams head down to the saltwater to fish. There has not been any catching in a few days.

Sierra has an appointment with he truck doctors on Wednesday morning. We are hoping to get the non-functioning horn repaired. After that Sierra will be in top shape for roaming the country. But in the meantime the OFM is getting in some great napping.


Sea Grass Invasion

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The Teams were out on the fishing pier when the sun peaked over the horizon.

Anytime you have a fishing rod in your hand instead of a sledge hammer things are going right. It was another very full day of chasing adventures. In fact we have issued an ultimatum to the OFM that he needs to ease off his physical efforts and let some of his pains heal. that idiot keeps pushing like he was 65 years young. We hope to convince him that he would benefit by spending some time with his oil pastels on a more regular basis. They are a great way to occupy yourself while healing from absurd for an old fat man wild activities.

The OFM Fishing Team hit up the wooden pier this morning in hopes of better catching results but nothing bit our lures. As we walked onto the pier we noticed a lot of seaweed or sea grasses on the walking surface and the bench. There must have been some excitement overnight to put this stuff on the pier that is four feet above the water. Here is a couple of pictures of the sea grasses.


We think it may have been more exciting overnight on that pier than we would have enjoyed.

We moved on over to the usual pier by the Rockport Harbor to nearly the same results with the fishing.

The OFM caught one 12 inch speckled trout, Mike caught an under sized trout also.

Mac, on the other hand, caught a 15 inch Skipjack (lady fish in some locales).

By noon we all quit and headed back to our homes. Chores occupied our efforts this afternoon. Three running lights on the Castle were out. The Castle is due for a State of Texas inspection and the lights need to be working. All three suffered from the same trouble. The sockets are old and getting corroded. Cleaning was accomplished from on the 6 foot step ladder and the lights work again. It looks to the OFM Repair Team that new light fixtures will soon be needed. The salt air corrosion and high UV sunlight is taking its toll for sure. Replacements will be a bit of a chore in the future but the OFM should be able to do the job himself.



Peaceful Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The Teams were out on the fishing pier when the sun peaked over the horizon. Four hours later we had one 16" speckled trout in the bucket when we headed home.

The rest of the day until evening was spent doing chores around the Castle. Then in late evening the OFM took us to the Salt Water Pool at the Rockport Beach Park. It was there that this nice resting spot was found to finish out the day.

And that is how a day in the life of an Old Fat Man sometimes goes. It is not always exciting.


Double Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

It has been two different days today. There was frustrating morning and satisfying afternoon.

That is Mac walking off the pier about two minutes after the OFM got out on the pier. Mac was walking out onto the pier when the Teams were arriving in Sierra. It was looking like a good day of fishing ahead of us. By the time the Teams got parked, the fishing gear loaded onto the OFM and walked out to visit with Mac, Mac was stringing his last trout for the day. In Texas we are allowed five trout per day. Mac had limited out while the Teams were just getting ready to fish.

That was the end of fish catching. We never got a bite for the next couple of hours. Oh well!!!!


This afternoon a decision was made to not put a $500 spray in liner in the bed of Sierra. They are very nice and the Truck had one. The big difference is that the Truck got to carry lots of toys and other stuff. (Stuff is the RVer word for junk). We expect that Sierra will not be carrying anything that will bang on the walls. Our guess is that only the floor of the bed of Sierra needs special protection.

To our surprise a thick bed mat was available locally. It also cost $400 less than the spray in liner.

We went to Tractor Supply in Aransas Pass to purchase one. It was on a head high shelf and the OFM was to wimpy to be able to get it down. It only weighs about fifty pounds. So the OFM went up front and asked them to send us a gorilla to help get the mat down into a cart. The gorilla came over and we wrestled the mat into the cart and headed out to pay for it.

The cashier asked if we needed the gorilla to help load the mat into Sierra. We told her that the OFM will come back in for the gorilla if we can’t get it loaded. Since all the work of loading was below shoulder level we thought the Teams could actually handle it well. That was how it turned out.

The heavy mat had to be trimmed to fit Sierra. The lines were embossed in the mat where the OFM needed to trim it. That thick flexible plastic/rubber was a chore to trim but fit perfectly when we got it done.

This turned out to be a great success for which the Teams and especially Sierra are thankful. Now we can carry stuff like patio stones without scratching the paint in the bed of Sierra.

Overall it has been a good day and we hope others have had a great day also.


Do It Safely

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

OK folks let us all be safe when handling stingrays. Keep in mind that all stingrays are rays but there are many rays that are not sting rays. A couple of hundred pounds is not unusual for a ray’s weight for some of them.

First thing is to land the ray, preferably onto a horizontal surface.

Let the ray flop a bit at first. It will soon calm down and normally be on its bottom side. Then using your fishing line flip the ray on its back. Again let the ray calm down.

Take careful notice where on the tail the barb is located. That is the area the OFM likes to immobilize with something. A foot with a sandal on it is not a good first choice or second choice. A steel toed welders boot would be a good first choice.

In the picture above you can see the bucket the OFM used to hold down the barb and tail. This allowed the other fellow to use his pliers to remove the hook and bait from the mouth of the ray with minimal damage to the ray. This is one time when barb less hooks would be very good to be using.

Now it is time to get the ray back into the water. Make sure the ray is on its top/bottom side up. Remember that the ray will be at least twice as heavy as it looks. It will also be five times as strong as it first seems. The OFM prefers to chose a route through the air to toss the ray. This is not a time for delicate maneuvers. DO NOT GRAB THE RAY BY THE BODY WITH YOUR HANDS.

A ray can get that barb of defense to just about any place on the top of its body and do it faster than lightning. The OFM then lets the ray calm down and relax. The needle nose pliers are used to grab the tail near the barb and away from the ray’s body so the barb cannot get to the pliers. A quick decisive lift with the pliers and a fling on the predetermined path toward the water should bring an end to the adventure. This is the way the OFM has handled all rays for about 50 years and he has not been hit yet. We are sure other folks have found ways that work for them. There is more than one way to fling a ray.


Stick It To You

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

Still a very bland day except for one nice moment at the pier. The OFM is not big on wasting fishing resources. If you aren’t going to eat it then put it back in the water in good shape. Do not kill things just because you don’t like them.

A nice fellow fishing at the end of the pier hooked a good sized critter and fought it for about ten minutes before bring it onto the pier surface. It was a sting ray. He wanted to make certain the ray was released with no serious damage but had never handled on before. The OFM has handled them for years safely. So the Ray Handling Team went to work to keep the ray and the fisherman safe.

Sting rays are very docile critters in general and do a lot of good with their diet of dead critters. They are the great cleaning crew for the dead things on the ocean bottom. However that does not mean they are defenseless. On their tail is a nasty venomous spike with jagged edges and a lot of strength. You can read all about them here stingray .

When they have to defend themselves the spike is whipped up over its back to stab whatever is hurting the ray. The OFM has actually in person seen a small ray drive its spike through a 3/8“ thick plywood boat hull. That is serious power. It can puncture a human bone. Here is a picture of the 4 inch spike in the down position.

They are not aggressive in general but have no hesitation to defend themselves. This next picture is the underside of the ray showing its mouth and gill openings.

They are beautiful when “flying” in the water. Hooking one generally means a substantial fight before landing it. The wings are considered good eating by many folks but the OFM has not knowingly tried them yet.

When it was all over the ray waved a wing goodbye to us as it swam on toward its goal for the day. It was nice to see an all around good ending to the event. All parties to the event went away happy.



Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Not much of anything going on around here lately. The fish are not biting, the wind has been strong and the OFM has been meandering with no success in finding adventure. So tonight you are stuck with this artsy photograph taken of the fishing pier handrail a couple of days ago.
Have fun while we keep on searching for adventure.


Got Shot

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The sun came up this morning even though the OFM did not feel like it should after getting his flu shot yesterday. The flu shot always gives him about 20 hours of yuck feeling as it does its job.

The flu shot was a new adventure though. The pharmacist use a new to us bandage. The bandage goes on first and the shot is given through the bandage. The bandage is round with a special membrane in the center. The bandage is applied and then the needle is inserted through the membrane to administer the shot.

He told us that in the demo of the bandage they used a balloon. The bandage was applied to the balloon. The needle was inserted through the membrane and injected a liquid in to the balloon. The balloon did not burst or leak. That would have been neat to witness. Anyway it worked on the OFM. He did not burst or leak blood.

It is now about 23 hours since the injection and the OFM is fat and ugly again so things are just fine now.



Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The OFM was invited to go fishing this afternoon with some very nice folks. What they did not tell the OFM was that also going along was the worlds best CATCHERMAN. He caught mangrove snapper so fast his line was melting from the friction on the water as he was reeling in ANOTHER fish. It got to be ridiculous he was catching so many fish. Ladies and Gentlemen meet David, the worlds best mangrove snapper catcher.

The OFM managed to catch one undersized sand trout and that was it. At the same time David was frothing the water landing one fish after another.

But the most important thing for the Teams is that the OFM had a wonderful time fishing with David and his father.


The Motto

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The OFM sends his sincere thank you to all our friends for their good wishes, empathy, sympathy and prayers. They really did help a lot with his emotions. Last night's sleep was not good and for the first time in years he was up before five o’clock. After a bit of breakfast he headed down to the harbor where he feels peaceful to try to settle out his feelings. This is far from his first time for death to visit near him but this time he could feel it rather strongly. Everyones support helped tremendously.

When we got to the harbor, he walked out onto the fishing pier in hopes of settling down some of his emotions that were running wild. The continuous light wave action and gentle breeze was extremely welcome. Even a picture that he could never accomplish before came out decent.

A peace slowly started to come to him. The setting moon signaled the start of a new day coming soon and a time for continuing life. This set of events made us even more certain that the motto at the top of the blog, DON’T WAIT. DO IT NOW, is a worthy goal.

Once again we on the teams all thank you for your support. We will be back tomorrow.


Double Whammy Today ( Saturday Update)

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

A double whammy crashed on the OFM’s head this evening. His old friend Mark of seven years suddenly without warning to the Teams died from lung cancer. He was a heavy smoker but a wonderful friend.

Then the OFM’s friends Don and Barbara had bad news for us later. Barbara has been fighting cancer for a couple of years. Recently she was moved into hospice care.

The OFM notified the Teams he is taking a bit of time to accommodate all the news. He will return when he has time to mourn. Thank you for your patience.

Saturday Update: Barbara no longer needs any medical care.


First Time at the Beach

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The OFM is sitting there at the computer moaning and groaning about how worn out he is. So I had to take a fishing rod to his nether regions to get him to work on tonight’s blog entry.

We hit the road reasonably early this morning for Mustang Island State Park. The park welcomed us with good information that the beach was driveable. So Sierra got its first taste of beach driving. Sierra did very well on the sand with its extra wide tires. The fact that Sierra is about 1500 pounds lighter than The Truck was and uses 32 PSIG tire pressure instead of 55 PSIG tire pressure certainly makes a big difference in the “sink in” amount on the soft sand. Lack of 4x4 ability makes the OFM more careful on the beach and that is a good thing. Here is Sierra enjoying its first time out on the soft beach area. We think Sierra enjoyed it and will be excited to come back again.

After getting parked, the OFM hopped out of Sierra with the Team camera in hand. Very quickly it was obvious that we needed a list of things that Sierra needed to be carrying for exploring beaches. A list was started so next trip out will be with needed items. The OFM also realized he needed to get the beach combing bucket set up again. It was sorely missed today. Setting up a new vehicle for exploring will likely take more than one trip to get it all put into good order.

The OFM headed out onto the jumbled rocks of the jetty to take pictures and check on the fish catching he could see happening. The fish we got to see were a four foot Black Tip Shark, two bull reds and some smaller sand trout. All of those are good eating. We have to get busy and catch some surf run fish for the Teams.

The jumbled rocks soon let the OFM know he needed to slow down and be more careful. His knees also chimed in about his over active style. Fortunately he paid attention and so far tonight it has only been a two generic Tylenol evening.

It was a major picture taking day at the beach. On the way back to the Castle, we stopped in at the San Juan Restaurant for lunch. As usual it was wonderful and delicious. The next thing on the agenda was something you really need to do after each beach trip.

The afternoon back in Rockport included a nap and fishing. One fish was caught but it was not world record size. This is a croaker. They are excellent eating when they get a good bit larger.

The camera was holding nearly seventy pictures when we downloaded them tonight. That is going to take some time to edit and cull. At least we will have plenty to occupy our time. In the meantime we need to slow down our pace and live a bit more gently. The OFM has to come to grips with the FACT that he is OLD now.


On the Job at Dawn

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The OFM was hard at work before the sun got out of bed this morning.

It was a very hot miserably humid day and sweating was a very popular thing every where we went. The goal was developing a couple of different fishing leaders for using when fishing with natural bait. We are able to report total failure in coming up with a satisfactory new design. It seems all the old styles are still the best. Well at least it was a fun project.
We used Fishbites for the bait and caught two fish. A tiny 4 inch perch and a short 6 inch croaker. Most of the morning it was dead calm and not any of the regulars were catching any thing worth while.

Late this evening another migraine hit and the OFM is in recovery mode tonight. We have no idea what tomorrow will be other than Thursday.


Spoon Feeding

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

Spoons are wonderful inventions. They allow you to eat many foods politely. On the other hand fishing spoons allow you to catch many types of fish, especially toothy fish. Tonight we will rig a spoon the OFM way.

This picture shows our typical rigging. The hook can be a treble or single hook, which ever you prefer. We have switched to single hooks instead of treble for easier unhooking of fish that are not calm about being caught. Hook size can be changed according to the fish size you are planning on catching. Usually for inshore saltwater we use size 2 up to 2/0 for single hooks.

We also use wobbling spoons instead of spinning spoons. Spinning spoons require a swivel in line to eliminate line twist. We have never had trouble with wobbling spoons and line twist. Our main spoons are the Johnson Brand Sprite or Silver Minnow. The colors are either silver or gold in either spoon. We have found 1/4 oz. to be the smallest effective spoon and 3/4 oz. to be the largest we have needed on the Texas coast. The larger spoons are normally used in rougher water. So far in all our years of saltwater fishing, the color of the spoon does not seem to matter to the fish enough to worry about it. Keeping a lure working in the water matters a lot more than the color.

Now we come to the part that is very critical. A “bite leader” in front of the spoon is really a good idea. Several of the good saltwater fish have teeth that operate like strong scissors and will cut some pretty heavy fluorocarbon or monofilament line without any trouble at all. Some folks like heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon line in the 50 pound range as the leader. We have not found that to be a good solution for our fishing. Single strand wire in #4 size 40lb. test coffee color has been a reliable bite leader for over 50 years for the Teams. The wire “bite leader” is attached to the spoon with a haywire twist. Then the length of the leader is set in the 4“ to 6“ range and the line attachment loop made with another haywire twist. Should you be using a spinning lure instead of a wobbling lure, then a barrel swivel needs to be installed at the end of the bite leader. Your line will tie to the barrel swivel.

Without a bite leader many of the good saltwater fish will chomp right through your normal fishing line. Spanish Mackerel will chomp most normal inshore fishing line like it was cotton candy. Even the hard surface special fluro or mono leader material in 50# weight is not immune to being bitten through.

Wipe your spoon off after every session of fishing before storing it away.

Where do spoons work? In saltwater nearly everywhere. We have not used them in freshwater enough to feel we have any business talking about freshwater spoon usage. Spoon feeding can be very productive especially around jetties.


Wood Floats

Adventure Location: Port Aransas, TX

The OFM wants everyone to know that he has discovered that A&W Root Beer is not the best liquid to use for flushing your nasal passages.

The Wooden Boat Festival at Port Aransas was a nice little event. The OFM had a less than great health day but he had promised old friend Pogo he would attend and put a report in the blog. He hit the park very early to beat the ferry traffic going to the island. But he did not beat the traffic leaving the island later.

The event was at Roberts Point Park and is a very nice facility. The event was well attended by folks showing their great craftsmanship. A lot of boats were fantastic displays of wood working ability. The OFM gave them all a serious glance but really got interested only in the boats that would make decent fishing rigs.

This boat should have made a pretty good bay boat for fishing. It was well built and had good lines for the style of waves in the shallow bays of this area.

This boat was a display of excellent craftsmanship through and through. We did not ask the price because it was worth way more than the Teams could afford. In this next picture you can see the interlock of the planks used in the construction. We first missed the interlock because they are so well done. When we changed the angle of the reflected sun the interlock became barely visible.

We think there was about fifty boats there of all sorts. On a better health day the OFM could have spent a long time looking and attending the classes. But it was not to be today.

When we got to the far end of the park where the harbor channel comes inland there was a large crowd of depositors awaiting an opportunity to visit the boats on display.

When we got home the OFM ended up taking two naps of a couple of hours each. We are beginning to wonder if it is allergy trouble since we came back from the dry environment to this continuous wet environment. Maybe we will find out in the next few days.



Rockport, TX

Fishing has some real hazards involved with it. The OFM decided to minimize one of the hazards after reading about one too many folks getting hurt. This is called singling a lure. Many lures have two or three treble hooks on them. When a fish bites the lure usually only one or two of the hooks engage the fish. The other hooks are flying around looking for something to dig into.

That something is all too frequently a part of your body. It is not pleasant to have a hook plunged into your body past the barb and still have a flopping five pound redfish attached to the other end. It is a lot less pleasant to have to go through the procedure for jerking the hook back out of your body. With the hardened hooks now days you cannot cut the hook for easy removal with most wire cutters. It has to be jerked backwards ripping it out of your body.

Here is a common aid but not totally foolproof way of minimizing the chance of your body getting punctured. It is called singling.

Notice all the pointy things just waiting for action. Usually a fish only gets hooked on one or two points. The other four to seven points (depending on the lure) are dancing around waiting to join the perforating party. The flopping fish is all too happy to help drive the hooks all the way into your body.

What we have on the market now is single point hooks with the eyelets rotated 90 degrees so that the hook lies in the correct direction when installed on the lure. It takes about five minutes to single a lure.

This leaves at most one hook free to attack your body while you are trying to unhook the fish. You have a much better chance of evading getting punctured with a singled lure. Yes the hookup ratio goes down a bit but not nearly as much as the safety goes up. On Texas Kayak Fisherman, the folks who use lots of those lures that can be singled report hook up ratios nearly the same but body perforations down to nearly zero. It was deemed worthy of the change by the OFM and his distaste for leaking his blood.


Fell Asleep at the Keyboard

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

This is the blog for Wednesday. The OFM woke up while seated at the computer Wednesday night trying to write a blog entry. He had pushed himself too hard for his aged body. The goal of the day was to visit all the important places that we had not seen since two months ago. Changes might have happened that we needed to know about.

To start the day we headed into the Beach Park and one of the many flounder holes. The right jig was pulled through the water and a legal size flounder came flopping onto the shell.


The next stop was the Port Aransas Jetty to check out the changes and there were some. The OFM pulled into one of the easy access spots along the rocks to do some more fishing. The result was this monster perch.

While we were there this cute little bird came over to visit. It was not the least bit afraid of the OFM. It came up to about two inches from his shoe to check it for food. Then it circled around the OFM checking every inch of the walkway.

Finally it moved on down to the next fisher folks and we headed on to the State Park. By the time we got to the State Park the OFM was starving so we went on over to Flour Bluff and the Whataburger place and lunch.

After lunch we stopped at Packery Jetty in hopes of catching some Spanish Mackerel. Well we caught nothing but a bit of trouble. After a few casts the spinning reel self destructed and we were finished fishing for the day.

We were successful in getting a couple of decent pictures.

Here is the beach scene taken from the walking surface of Packery Channel Park.

Now we are looking down the channel along the rocks at the very clear water.

It was about six rocks up from the bottom of the picture where the OFM made the last cast of the day. It is also the spot he spent quite a bit of time winding in the 200,000 yards of expensive braid fishing line by hand.

By now the OFM was hot, sweaty and ready to head for the Castle. We did not go back to the State Park. It awaits us for another adventure soon.


Party Time In Rockport

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

It was a busy day. By 1000 the OFM had gotten the lubrication fluid (Sierra does not use “OIL”) changed, groceries purchased and a neighbor helped with his trailer. Whew time to rest. Nope, he headed to the harbor to fish. WOW look at all this junk going on. A carnival is setting up. Lots of big tents are setting up. A huge fencing project was under progress.

Back home we were able to find out that Rockport Sea Fair is this Thursday through Sunday. That means we will be over run with tourists filled with lots of bottled fun. The harbor, beach and marina areas will not be a good place for the Teams to meander.

The good news is that as the OFM was playing with a silver spoon lure, a 19 1/2 inch FAT trout hit the lure. After measuring the fish, it was returned to the water. Now we can say we have caught a fish each day since our return to the area!

Some more tree limbs too close to the Castle were removed today. A little more squaring away inside the Castle was accomplished. AND an unbelievably wonderful hour+ nap was taken.

We checked stats on the blog today. In nine years we have not had even a million page views yet. Even the marginally successful blogs hit a million a year. Many blogs do several million page views a year. Maybe that means that OFMAdventures is one of the most unsuccessful blogs of all time. But we are still having fun.


Safe Arrival

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Morning rolled around very gently. There were only two campers in the whole camping loop and the other campers were even older than the OFM. It was a very quiet night. In fact in the morning we heard the deer walking in the grass before we opened the blinds. WOW. The Teams got rolling about 0900 and had a calm easy trip to Rockport.

One nice view this morning was a bird chasing breakfast down by the lake.

We had the Castle into its new home by 1100 but the only thing we did for starters is plug in the electrical connection and get the A/C running. The temperature was high 80s with very high humidity. Here is our home for at least the next three months.


Later today we got the rest of the set up done. This site is especially good because it gets full shade until about 1300. After that all the way into the evening it gets about 50% shade. Since winter is about three weeks in January, all that shade is a very good thing.

Right after lunch the OFM went over to a dentist that had been recommended by some OLD folks and set up an appointment for a full blown exam and cleaning. At least he is taking care of things immediately.

Some good news is that the Teams are back in a cheaper area to live. Gas today was $1.899 a gallon. Since we left here last August 1 gas has been costing between $2.249 and $2.099 a gallon. Groceries have been likewise.

Then to make things seem really better, after supper the OFM stopped at a fishing location to try his luck as the sun faded away. The result was two skipjack caught and released in the ten minutes of last minute fishing. They are not good to eat but are definitely lots of active fighting when you catch one. Now for another good nights rest.


Shortened Trip

Adventure Location: On the Road, Texas

We started the trip today with a fresh migraine for the OFM. It slowed us down quite a bit and finally the OFM called it quits before we got to Rockport. We are enjoying a nice quiet time at Lake Corpus Christi State Park in hopes of a gentle continuation of travel tomorrow.



The Wimp Did It Once

Adventure Location: Guadalupe Peak, Texas

This is the anniversary of the day the OFM made it to the Top of Texas after failing the previous two attempts. It was a long time goal of his since his teens and finally at the young age of 53 he made it to the top. In the picture you are looking south toward Van Horn Texas. The elevation is 8749 feet and is a rugged climb up and back down. Here is the National Park write up about the trail. https://www.nps.gov/gumo/planyourvisit/upload/Guadalupe%20Peak%20Hike.pdf

Several years ago a group of wheelchair folks made the trip up to the top and back. The Teams were impressed to say the least. This memory is one of the good ones, of course ranked well behind the birth of his son and grandson.



Surprise Mansion

Adventure Location: Near Sonora Texas

The OFM Teams were out for a nice country ride. The day was beautiful and we had no target in mind but pure relaxation. The road was hwy 864 off of I-10 just east of Sonora. We knew that this road goes by Fort McKavett. We had been to the fort by another route several years ago and thought a new route there would be nice.

Sierra is rolling nicely at 40 mph so the teams can get a great look at the Texas Hill Country scenery on this nice bright sunshine day. Deer were out and frolicking around so we had to be very careful to not ding Sierra with one of them. We rounded a curve and in to sight was this mansion.

What in the world is it we wondered! Soon a historical marker sign appeared to explain what we were looking at. It is a special style of house brought over from England. Read the sign, it is interesting to us.

The OFM Photography Team walked along the road a good ways past the sign to the gated entrance. Naturally the gate was locked and the OFM knows better than to climb over a locked gate in Texas. There are probably some half trained longhorn cattle in there waiting for some fresh meat to arrive.

From the gate we took a picture of the front of the home. This is one place the Teams would really like to see the inside.


While we were walking back to Sierra a more normal Texas Hill Country house was seen up on the cliff a half mile away. We did our best to get a decent shot of it, but that is a hard shot.

There were a few more signs in the next couple of miles but the things they talked about were not visible to photograph. The rest of the road was nice scenery so we stayed in slow motion all the way to Fort McKavett. By then the OFM was ready to head home since we could see the fort was still just like last time we were there. Here is a nice site talking about the fort.

The Texas Hill Country has lots of interesting spots to see in it but most of them are on private land like a lot of this was. We still like to wander around out here.