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Dog Canyon, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico


Combatant Plants

Adventure Location: Oliver Lee SP, New Mexico

It has been a very busy day. A long time reader stopped by today to get acquainted. Annette is a very nice lady and we had a good visit. She is starting a new blog and told the OFM the name of it (twice) but he could not remember it correctly. So Annette if you would email us the correct name we will tell our readers so they can enjoy your writing.

Meanwhile the OFM stepped out of the Castle to record the last of the daylight coming across the big valley.

In this next picture, the land with vegetation is BLM land and free to use except there is no firearm shooting allowed. The land above the vegetation line is National Forest Service land and can also be used for recreational purposes.


While making our way into the desert from the Castle we found several of these 6-7 feet tall occupants of the area. They have a belligerent attitude and are quite willing to do combat if you want to try your luck.


And last of all the Castle decided it wanted to get in on the sunset presentations. We think the Castle did a pretty good job of showing the sunset.


The OFM is planning an early horizontal position tonight after all the running around trying to have tooooo much fun.