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Oleander Flowers, Rockport Texas


2 Forward and ! Back

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas.

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A couple of steps forward and one backward was the day’s adventure. The item that started all the redecorating has gone away. That great shower curtain did not allow enough light into the shower for the OFM to see what he was doing. It was replaced by another clear  curtain that does allow enough light.

We have in our thought process that maybe the better thing is something that livens up the back wall of the shower. If you have an idea please send it to us.

The new bath mats, hand towel and bath towel are coral. That is a lot more colorful than the bland washed out brown mats we have had for years. Here is looking from the kitchen into the bathroom.

While over in Walmart getting bit by mosquitoes inside the store, the OFM stumbled across four cheap fake paintings that he thought would be good for the bathroom and bought them. In this next picture you can see three of the wall hangings as well as the new bath towel. The OFM had to stand in the bathtub to take this picture.

Then on the wall above the window is number four. We think they made a reasonable addition to the room.

Now we have to wait a few $$ before we go out for more decorations. That means we will need to be busy fishing. With a little luck the OFM might even catch a fish again. If not, he will still be trying to have tooooo much fun.