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277 Bridge, Lake Amistad, Texas


Actual Rain for a Change

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

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It was 0852 before the OFM woke up the second time today.  His Highness the lazy bones must have been worn from something because he slept like a dead log until moments before he lept from bed for the first time in months. It was a good sign he was feeling decent for a change.

A serious search of the food situation resulted in a $50 trip to Wal-Mart to resupply our fruits and vegetables supply. A few other things were also purchased but mainly we had run out of F & V for eating in the raw so to speak. He certainly does like his fresh raw F & V.

Research on locations for more exciting adventures took a chunk of the afternoon. The day was over cast and threatening rain all day. The solar is just keeping up in spite of all the cloud cover. This location, Del Rio, is very centered to a lot of neat adventure territory here in West Texas. We plan on making use of it soon.

In the meantime it was fishing time we decided. On the way to 277 North fishing bridge we stopped at the campground there to check for anything interesting. On one tree limb was a blue butterfly that was excited to pose for a picture to show itself to the world. It is about 3.5 inches across.

Then it was down the hill to the fishing bridge. After about thirty minutes one under size largemouth bass hit the spinner bait lure meant for white bass.  But it was a tough little bass and shook the hook loose just as it came to the lift it out point. That was all that was “caught”. A few minutes later our friends, Rueben and Ray, showed up to do some more catfishing. Rueben went to work catching bait for their efforts. Then they settled down to lowering the lake level by pulling out so many fish. However we do not know how well that worked out as the light rain set in and the OFM actually surprised us by having enough sense to come in out of the rain.

The Teams headed back to the Castle where the OFM took a nice long nap to recover from doing nothing. Nothing special really happened but it was a nice day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.