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Sand Waves, Rockport, Texas


Eating Fish

Adventure Location:   Packery Channel, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-28-2015

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My goodness was this a wonderful day. Fishing was terrible. The photography was really fun. Most of all the fish fry was fantastic. We had black drum, speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead and whiting. Jim did a wonderful job of the fish cooking. The OFM did a wonderful job of eating the fish in HUGE quantities.

There were seven of us at the fish feast and one very personable dog named Shadow. Shadow was the official plate licker when you finished your meal. Then the paper plates went into the garbage bag. We think that a few meals like that would require the OFM to buy a longer belt. Two of the three couples at the feast are heading home in the next few days. They cleaned out the fish that was left from a winter of fishing.

Where are the pictures you ask? Foolish question. The OFM was too busy scarfing down huge quantities of fish to stop and take pictures.

The last few days have had some good opportunities to take pictures of things in the vicinity. We will be getting to see one a night for a few days until the supply runs out.

The tide was WAY out one day and this new header picture was taken. It is the bottom of the bay at the Rockport Beach where the normal water depth would be about 6-8 inches. We thought that the way the morning sun reflected on the sand waves was spectacular.

Sand Waves

In case you were wondering eating fish like we did today gets you very close to having tooooo much fun.