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Sunrise, Fulton,Texas


Backwards Eyes

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

It was about time for something to work out right for a change. When the new backwards eyes came in the Teams expected them to not work. As you know the OFM is not real smart and he ordered them all by himself without supervision. Wow that is scary!

Any way they came in and were in good shape. Even the box looked just fine.


Now if we can figure out how to assemble them and then install them it will be a miracle. Here are the factory backwards eyes that came on Sierra. They are not really adequate for towing so some additional eyes were ordered to make the towing easier.


After reading the instructions several times and looking at the pictures of the assembly, we decided the instructions did not match our mirrors exactly so the OFM put his miraculous powers of mechanical design experience to work. Sure enough he was able to figure out what the instructions meant to say. From that point on things went much more smoothly.

The new mirrors actually fit rather well and the secure attachment gadget seems to hold them on very well. Even when the idiot OFM jerked on them really hard, they stayed in place. Here they are installed.


About this moment was when the OFM remembered that the factory mirrors on Sierra fold when a switch inside the cab is pushed. So with lots of fear and worry the switch was pushed to see what would break first. LO AND BEHOLD the mirrors INCLUDING the towing extensions folded right up against the cab like they were meant to do it. WOW that was a nice surprise.


We spent some time playing with them and checking the backwards viewing. It looks like they will help tremendously for our towing needs.

The OFM thinks these new additions to Sierra will make a lot of difference when the Castle is rolling down the road in search of having tooooo much fun.