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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Water Shortage

Adventure Location: Big Bend NP, Texas

The Teams decided to let the OFM test his legs on a very easy trail in the park. It is named the Dog Canyon Trail. The gear was assembled and away we went to the trail head. There was a few vehicles already there. We had waited until mid morning in hopes the smoke from Mexico would be gone. It was not and gave us some less than the best photographs.

After parking and getting the OFM decked out in trail gear he was ready to go. The first picture is of the sign next to the road with Dog Canyon in the back ground.


The first mile or so of the trail is just a flat plain with desert foliage on it. The trail is well trodden and easy to follow for anyone that pays attention.

After a good bit of walking you reach the place where you drop into a wash. The sign at that point directs you to Dog Canyon or Devils Den canyon. You really want to start with the Dog Canyon for your first hike out here.


Now you are walking in a wash with lots of loose round rocks to twist an ankle. Yep the OFM twisted an ankle right after starting along the wash. Then just as we got to the mouth of the canyon he bruised the forefoot sole on his other foot. So now he is really having a tough time walking. So he stopped and took a picture into the mouth of the canyon.


Then he reconsidered his options. The decision maker was when the water supply was checked. He had already consumed one half his water supply and still had a half mile of canyon to go. That made it a no decision to make situation. At half the water already used we HAD turn back. We also hoped that the feet injuries would not slow us too much and cause the Teams to run out of water going back.

As it worked out the OFM drained his last water a couple of hundred yards from Sierra, so we made it just right. Sierra had a gallon or more water waiting inside for us. The Teams NEVER push the water limits on purpose.

It seems that the OFM uses a good bit more water now than he used to use. In the future we will be carrying more water than needed in the past. Having enough water sure helps when you are trying to have tooooo much fun.