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Point Mallard, Decatur, Alabama


Rested Finally

Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 7-28-2015

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The OFM slept until after 0900 this morning but he awoke with little pain and feeling refreshed for the first time in a long time. It was amazing to see him walk instead of hobble. Naturally a first item is to check the weather forecast and decide what to do today. That was easy because the heat index was already high 90s with a major heat advisory to stay inside if possible. We saw a heat index of 108 here in Decatur and at 1800 tonight it was 96 with a heat index of 103. This has been a miserably hot time here this year.

We went to lunch at a Mexican food place next to Wal-Mart and had a great meal. Then it was straight back to the Castle and the AC. During the incarceration time today we did get some house cleaning done and we did not even use a shovel or rake!

The new steamer pot was put to use. It taught us a couple of things. One was that three pounds of chicken breasts were a little beyond its design maximum. It worked out but the cooking time was more than double what was predicted by the directions.

Another important thing was the water consumption of the steamer pot. The pot was tested and held 2.5 cups of water below the steamer basket. We put in 2 cups to start the steaming process. After the first two sessions of checking the chicken for doneness another we thought that more water might be needed so another cup of water was added. It was not needed and the chicken breasts got their bottoms wet.

It appears the steamer pot returns most of the condensate back to the pot instead of letting it escape into the Castle.  The regular cooking pot the OFM had been using would have needed more water for sure. So this new pot is working out well.

To fill in some time the OFM began checking normal historical temperatures in the west. Some restrictions we had for when to leave here got blown to pieces and now we have the option of leaving anytime.   So after a couple of hours of recording locations and temps in the September, October and November time frame we were able to come to a very firm conclusion that we have no idea when we will roll next. The OFM had an intelligent thought of all things. “Maybe we should plan on staying here until we aren’t having fun then move on.” Sometimes he is just astoundingly brilliant isn’t he?

The heat advisory included all day tomorrow so we will have to be very careful about how we work on having tooooo much fun.