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Del Rio, Texas Cactus


Val The Catcherman

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Adventure Date: 5-2-2015

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We are back in Rockport Texas for the fishing and to take care of a trailer suspension trouble that became apparent in Junction when we got ready to move. Campsite 5 at Anglers RV Retreat was available. It is very shaded so we grabbed it.

The mosquitoes are huge in quantity and size but the OFM is going to buy a 12 gage shotgun to even things up. He figures some OO buck shot can get rid of some of the flying transfusion critters.

We also get to watch Poot get walked on occasion. Poot is a very great personality pig that we enjoy visiting.

Early (for the OFM) this morning the Teams headed out for chores and stopped at the fishing pier to visit. Val was there doing his usual thing of emptying the ocean of speckled trout.

Several of the bushes in the campground were celebrating all the rain from this spring with spectacular displays of fantastic blossoms.

The OFM is pooped from all the crawling around under the Castle. He was taking pictures and measuring things to determine what the best route to take on the road to repairing the worn out suspension of the Castle. The Castle has about 100,000 miles on it and that is a huge number for a trailer suspension. We expect that the main trouble is just plain old wear on the components. We need to get the Castle repaired in time to head to Gavinland in mid-July. In case you forgot, Gavinland is the place the OFM can actually have tooooo much fun.