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Bibe, Texas


Bicycle Computers

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

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It has been an incredibly busy day. Supper was finally a stop at a local BBQ place named Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ. Their BBQ is adequate but not nearly as good as the BBQ in Junction Texas. However their large stuffed baked potato is very good and HUGE. The OFM usually gets the pulled pork on his. He gorged and gorged himself but still had to get a take home box for the last 1/3 of the potato. He plans to eat a reasonable amount next time and bring the rest home for 3 or 4 meals. Here is a picture of the last 1/3.

There were enough questions about the speedo on the bicycle that tonight we will present a simplified version of how electronic bicycle speedos work no matter if they are wired or wireless.

The electronic bicycle speedos are also called cyclocomputers. The first thing you do is input the circumference of your tire to the computer. You can get that by measuring your tire with a tape measure or using the included charts for a close approximation. Now the computer will know how far each revolution of the wheel moves you forward.

The magnet on the spoke causes the transmitter mounted on the fork to send a signal to the computer every time it passes past the transmitter. 

The computer counts the revolutions. The revolutions are tallied up and the Total Distance read out tells you the total distance recorded.  The revolutions per time interval are tallied and converted into a mph read out. It is that simple. All the wheel sizes taken care of since you have to enter the wheel circumference at the very first. The magnet location on the spoke matters not since all that is counted is revolutions of the whole wheel.

Since the computer is a computer it has many other readouts available. Depending on the model of speedo you purchase you can get elapsed time, total time, distance from last reset, time of the day, max speed, average speed, current speed and many, many, many more things to display.

On our twelve miles of riding today our average was 8.3 mph. SightSeer (SS) is ridden for sightseeing so our average speeds will never be very high.

The OFMSSRT (OFM SS Riding Team) did not get started until after 0900 this morning and the heat and humidity were strong by then. That type of weather caused us to ride only on the shaded trails today. The minute we would come out into the sun the OFM would instantly start heavy sweating. It was definitely much better in the shade. Staying cool in the summer time is much better when you are outside trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.