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Davis Mountains, Texas


Why Fort Davis

 Adventure Location: Soon to be Ft. Davis, Texas

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The OFM told a few local folks of his plans for Fort Davis and had essentially the same statement spoken back to him. Why go out there? There is nothing in West Texas.

Actually we are very happy that a lot of folks do not like the west since there is nothing there of interest. The first thing of interest is weather. About 1500 today we checked the Rockport weather and found actual 97 with 104 for a heat index. Immediately after we checked Fort Davis and the actual was 83 and the heat index was 83 with a night time temp of 60 predicted. That alone is pretty good incentive. So we made a reservation today to assure a place for the Castle in case this blog entry sends too many folks out there.

Fort Davis has a huge amount of history in the area. We have never taken the time to tour the actual Fort Davis in detail. This picture is a spot where the OFM has sat on that rock looking down into the Fort below. He wants to do that again.

The OFM even bought a fanny pack with 2 water bottles today to help with the hiking efforts. This next picture was taken from a trail high above Indian Lodge inside the Davis Mountains State Park. We have been on this trail once before and, of course; he wants to walk that trail again. The trail is in the lower right part of the pic barely showing through the grass.

Keep in mind that this area is 5200 feet and up in elevation. Denver Colorado is the same basic elevation to give you a perspective.

It does help that this small town has an excellent Mexican food restaurant. The whole town is an easy walking place with most services you might need, including a very well stocked hardware store. There are some extremely scenic mountains, valleys and creeks all around the area. Not that it matters to the OFM anymore but it might to others, the area is some of the most fantastic long distance bicycle riding in the USA. I have been told some bicycle guy named Lance used to train out here. There is plenty to keep the Teams busy for sure. Oh yea, there is a small but very complete grocery store in town. But for you diesel driving folks, there is just one diesel pump in town at the Exxon station.

Once we get out there the OFM is hoping to be able to post very detailed blog tales of great things for all our readers to enjoy.