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Rockport, TX


Knock The Top Off

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The day turned out to be just plain old ugly. Cold and damp for most of the day. Then tonight it was a light rain and 45 when the OFM just had to get out of the Castle for a few minutes. A grilled chicken sandwich and conversation with an old guy of 93 that was planning on a trip up to north Texas to see his daughter this weekend helped the OFM’s spirits a lot.

Down at the fishing pier was a sight we have never seen before. Somebody managed to knock the top off a boulder. That boulder is a bit over 24 inches across. It took a pretty stout event to knock that layer off the boulder.

The OFM spent most of the cramped inside day studying about painting with oil pastels, oil paints and watercolors. The decision was to eliminate the oil paints and water colors because the oil pastels were so much easier to use without all the extra junk the other mediums require. The oil pastels need only the pastel sticks, something to paint on and paper towels to wipe your fingers. No bowls, soap and water cleanup, no extra devices or nothing is required. Simple to the point art is great. And when (not if) he makes a mistake you just scrape the mistake off and try again. It was still a long day inside a small room even with all the education going on.