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Rockport Beach, Texas


When To Quit?

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

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A lot of fishing and hat searching was done today. No new hat was found. The ones the OFM tried on at the fishing tackle store had crowns that were too low. By the time the brim was down to the right place above his eyes, the crown was pressed against his bald dome. There needs to be a gap there for the air to circulate. The search continues tomorrow.

The last time the Team saw BillyBob he told the OFM that he did not know when he would be healed enough to play golf again. On his blog today he mentioned that he was wondering if the weather would be good enough to play golf.  At least he is thinking about it again. Maybe he will be healed enough to play next week. That would be a good thing both of us.

Fishing wise the OFM Fishing team got a big surprise when we caught a very large Gafftopsail catfish on a silver spoon today. It put up a lot of fight and gave the new reel a good workout. The new reel had the drag set at 15 pounds of drag. That catfish took a lot of line several times. We guess the fight lasted over five minutes. That was all the catching in the morning.

Late this evening, we hit the Rockport harbor again and got into the Ladyfish. The first four of them were photographed and shown here. They are a lot of fun. They hit hard, run fast and do lots of aerial antics to keep the fisherfolk excited. These were caught on both silver and gold spoons.

We definitely put some serious breaking in on the new reel today with all these larger fish we caught. Getting to quit fishing because you are tired of catching fish is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.