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Mustang Island Beach, Texas


Beachcombing Adventures

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Adventure Date: 5-20-2015

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What is a beachcomber? It is a person who walks on the beach looking for things of interest to that person. That is the OFM definition for a beachcomber. Some folks only think of shelling when the term beachcombing comes up. It can be a lot more than that. We will attempt to show some of the different things folks beachcomb for in tonight’s blog.

Many gather shells for different reasons. Some gather shells for making displays for their homes. Some gather shells to make shell arrangements to sell at tourist shops. One lady we met makes little people in different poses by gluing the shells together. She sells at a shop in Corpus Christi.

 Still others gather shells to become candles or candle holders. She cleans the shell thoroughly. Then the shell is put in some sort of plastic to hold it “cup upward”. Then she puts a wick in and pours scented candle wax in the shell to make a very pretty decorative candle for the tourist trade.

Other beachcombers gather drift wood for several uses. The first use that comes to mind is the artist who searches for shapes of driftwood to sand and paint with shiny varnish. Then they mount it for display in your home or office.

Another artist type searches for driftwood shapes that they can sand, carve and otherwise shape into animals, people, scenes or whatever their fertile mind can imagine. Some of these art works are very imaginative and beautiful in our opinion. Some of them are more of a what is that?

In the cooler months some folks gather driftwood to use in home heating appliances as firewood. The driftwood seems to be an endless supply.

Another enterprising person gathered driftwood to sell to campers as campfire wood that makes different flame colors as the minerals in the driftwood are burned. We never saw this in real life but he swears it works and is really pretty.

The OFM for a while had a small collection of seeds that he had gathered on the beaches. It was about three dozen different seeds in the collection. It seemed like there was always some new seeds showing up on the sand.
One person collected seaweeds, coral and purple barnacles for some use. We never found out what they were doing with it all. They were gathering it by the five gallon buckets full.

We have barely scratched on beachcombing much less whatever else happens down on the beach. There are always the metal detector folks, the sea glass collectors, the photographers, the fishing lure collectors and the list goes on for as far as your imagination can take it. See https://www.google.com/search?q=beachcombing+pictures&rlz=1T4ADRA_enUS421US421&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=C49eVaiZB5W6ogSnl4G4Cw&ved=0CDMQ7Ak&biw=1167&bih=608 for some pictures of things beachcombers find.

The Teams have done the equivalent to beachcombing along rivers, lakes and water run offs all over the west. It has always been fun and interesting. So let your imagination run wild when you are outside trying to have tooooo much fun.