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Packery Channel, Texas


Early Adventure

Adventure Location: Packery Channel, Texas

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The OFM came wide awake at 1700 this morning and there was no going back to sleep. All that rest from yesterday had done some good. He got the wild idea to hit the beach by sunrise for some picture taking. Away we went.

When we got to the ferry landing the camera would not get a sharp focus in the mist and dim light. The pictures turned out pretty neat anyway in a surrealistic way. Here is a view of the ferry as we got ready to drive onto it. The lights were interesting.

Then on the way across the channel the Port Aransas ferry landing got close enough for another surreal picture that we think was neat also.

We had no idea what the pictures would look like on the computer screen until we down loaded them back at the Castle. It is not the type of picture we would normally prefer but they were neat anyway.

As is normal the Teams stopped at Whataburger for a bacon, eggs and biscuit breakfast. While having breakfast we had to figure out what was next. The Truck had no idea either but was definitely ready to do something since the OFM was up and around. The town was showing signs already of lots of vehicle traffic so we chose to leave town towards the State Park.

When we got there, we could see that the campground was full of campers and the beach use parking lot was pretty well occupied. Never mind that and onward we went looking for some elbow room.

When we got to Packery Channel the boat launch area was about half full. The Truck took us around to the big parking lot and picnic area. There was one lonely truck with one guy in the whole huge lot. The Truck took us all the way to the other end and parked.

Now it was time for the OFM to get in some walking. It has been about three days since he could do any decent walking. Before the morning’s adventure was over he had walked all the way to the end of the jetty and back to the end of the boat launch area and back to the truck. The fun part was getting to take a lot of sunrise pictures in the area. There is too many for tonight so they will be strung out over two nights.

Here was just before sunrise at the jetty.

 There were not many folks yet. On the other jetty we got to see a fellow catch a very large fish. It was so big he waded out on a sandbar with a huge net to bring the fish out of the water. We could not tell what it was but it was very large for sure.

The water was absolutely gorgeous. The clear green water is highly desired for the catching of good fish for eating. The winds were light and the wave action very small.

Along the way were hundreds of beautiful flowers. Some of the flowers and bushes were quite fragrant.   It made for a very pleasant long walk. The air temperature was only 83 but very humid of course. Here is a picture of one of the many bright yellow flowers lining the channel next to the sidewalk.

It was a great day for enjoying being alive.