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Kayaking Lake Amistad, Del Rio, Texas


A Ride

 Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-12-2016

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Last night a glycemic event due to a large piece of cherry cobbler after the meal at the recreation hall put the OFM down for the count about four minutes after we got back into the Castle.

Today the Teams were arguing about what to do in this fantastic weather we are having. Some member commented about how lazy the OFM man is and hasn’t done anything. Another argued that he has been doing all sorts of hiking things to attempt to define what he can still do at his age and physical ability level so he can’t be lazy ( Yes I am—OFM).

The OFM decided we would take SightSeer our fantastic bicycle out for a ride on its new tube in the front tire. With that in mind the Teams hopped into the Truck to find a starting point. The spot was chosen and the Truck grabbed an excellent place to park. SS was readied for action and the OFM did the best he could to get ready.

It was still nice and cool when we set off. One of the roads we road is the road to the Billy Bob tree in San Pedro Campground. It is a gravel road that requires paying attention to keep SS rubber side down.

Boondocking Campground Road
After looping through that area we took a right turn when we got back to the paved road. This is old highway 90 from before Lake Amistad was built. Now it is known as spur 454. A gate across the old road keeps motorized traffic off of a large stretch of the old highway. That makes it wonderful for biking and walking/running. Here is SS looking at the road before us. At full lake level SS would be stopped in about five feet of water depth.

We made a stop along the way for SS to see some of the small trees of the area. In general this is more of a brush country style of growth so a twenty foot tall tree is very tall for the area.

Amistad is 25 feet low. This is a view across the lake bottom, including where SS is parked, to the current lake level visible in the far distance.

As we rolled along the scenery changed a little now and then. At one point we came close to the water at a low point in the road. SS naturally had to stop to take a look.

We made it to where the road goes into the main lake waters and turned around for the rolling hills ride back to the truck. It is a great joy to ride a bicycle that actually fits you correctly. A great bike and wonderful weather goes a long way toward trying to have tooooo much fun.