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Lower Pine Springs Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas


Expensive Area

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

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The OFM has been moaning and groaning all day with sore muscles from his scalp to his knees. It seems he was not in shape for handling thirty pounds of squirmy Grandson Gavin yesterday. The first thing this morning, before getting out of bed, he noticed his head did not really want to rotate. Next he noticed that his nick would rotate is he could endure the pain from the sore neck muscles. Shortly he realized that nearly his whole body seemed to be involved in the rebellion.

It all started when Gavin came over to be picked up for this picture.

The OFM reached down with his weak left arm to pick Gavin up. OOOPSS. Gavin was toooooooooooooo heavy for him to lift with only his left arm. That should have been enough warning but the OFM is sort of DUMB.

Then in the restaurant Gavin wanted me to “up” him so we could look around. TheOFM did good and used both arms for the “up”. However the several minutes of carrying Gavin must have taken its toll on the OFM body.

The OFM is so fat he hasn’t any hips available to rest a kid on so it is all muscle during any kid carrying time. He was wondering if it would build golf muscles.

We did get out to the grocery store this morning. The sticker shock at the grocery was just as bad as the rest of the county. It is a LOT more expensive here than we are used to paying for things back in south and west Texas. For example the $.42 a pound onions in Rockport were $1.18 a pound here at the Wal-Mart grocery! We purchased what we needed and headed back to the Castle.

Today has been a warm day of high 80s but NO breeze. The OFM tried doing some putting and chipping over at the golf course but only made an hour before he was getting to hot. Pretty soon it should be starting a cooler trend considering how far north we are. Some cooler weather would make it a lot nicer for getting out and trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.