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Flowers, Rockport, Texas


Summer Fun?

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Summertime misery is here with a vengeance.  About 1100 the OFM was getting a bit to hot and we packed it in to head back to the Castle. Sierra told us it was 98 out there ten feet from the cool gulf water. We can expect this very hot weather until late September. The Teams are ready to head to Gavinland as soon as a spot opens up for us in Point Mallard, Alabama. It was 79 there for the high today.
The Castle’s AC ran for over four hours straight this afternoon without a rest. Right now we are sitting on about $3 a day for running the AC. The OFM went out to water the grass a bit. The grass was wilted very badly. He even sprayed water on the roof of the Castle and the AC coils. Nope the AC did not cycle. Good grief it is not nice in Rockport, Tx this time of the year.

The tree shade on the Castle stops about 1200 and the sun’s rays really cook us through the windows on the door side. We have 3/4“ foam insulation in the windows but on the sunshine side it still gets hot around the windows. 
The foam is great convection insulation but what we need at this campsite is the radiant energy reflector added to the convection insulation. Lowes had some Reflectix in stock this evening so we brought some home with us. The Reflectix will be against the window pane then a small air gap and then the 3/4“ foam insulation.

Hopefully installing the Reflectix radiant barrier will get done tomorrow, but we also have laundry and a few other chores to help us stay busy.

Staying cool is the main object tomorrow.Trying to have tooooo much fun will not happen if it is too hot for the wimp OFM.