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Bored Pelican, Port Aransas, TX


No Excitement

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

As this pelican can attest, not much exciting is going on around here.

A good effort last night resulted in two full Walmart bags of not used items left the Castle and found good homes with some nice folks who will use them. That emptied a cabinet and a half’s worth of the Castles many cabinets. We are definitely living a lot more lighter than a year ago.

The Castle is a 2006 model and has had the Teams living in it since July 2007. Naturally things are wearing out and needing replacement. The local camper parts house gives a 10% discount to veterans and we have made use of it for a few replacement items. One of which was a new bathroom door knob and latch. The old one just gave up the ghost a few days ago and we need door latch that works for when we are traveling. It would be really bad to have a door flapping back and forth while the Castle is rocking along the highway.

The new door knob came in today and was installed as the highlight of the last two days. Here it is in all its glory.

That is one more item out of the way for when we get to roll soon in search of having tooooo much fun.