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Lake Amistad, Texas



Adventure Location:   San Pedro Campground, Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 1-29-2015

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I knew it was going to happen. The OFM is not nearly as tough as he thinks he is sometimes. We got here Monday afternoon. He soon was running all over the place doing more than he can. He even had a migraine attack Wednesday at noon that he barely acknowledged before he was out having adventures. Then this morning he went to the Walmart to put up the last blog entry. On the way back he stopped to check out some more camping locations. He was so excited that when we got back to the Castle he nearly immediately set out for some walking.

Then the disaster we could see coming at a high rate of speed. The impenetrable brick wall was right in front of him but his mindset was not ready to notice it. Right before our eyes he hit it at full speed. Snot, slobber and sweat went flying in a huge cloud of no more energy available. It is called a severe BONK . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Hitting_the_wall in athlete talk. We had been telling him he needed to rest more but he was having none of that talk.

This afternoon he HAD to rest. Two and a half days of high energy running around and his reserves had plumb run out. “But there is so much to do and so little time” he said. We said push yourself into a heart attack or stroke and you will find out about time. After a bit of rest he remembered what his Dad had told him years ago. That the older you get the longer it takes to recover from strenuous efforts. Today was a good example. We have to get that fool to mix it up on the adventures. A good exercise adventure then a good non-exercise adventure is the routine he agreed to try to switch too.

After all there are lots of pictures that have inspired him to start the work required to do a painting from the inspiration. He doesn’t have to sit around being bored, just choose some lesser energy requirement things more often. He isn’t real old yet but he is definitely a LOT closer to old than young.

 And we know that there is more exercise adventures available than can ever be done also. Just look at all the unexplored territory to the east from our front door.

And if you finish that, the territory west from our front door awaits some exploration also.

Too our immense surprise old knot head said he agreed and needed to get more rest. We will see what he actually does.

For a planning purpose we checked the miles we have left to explore before we go to Gavinland in July.  The best guess we could come up with is that there is no more than 900 towing miles to cover before July 5, 2015. That averages out to 6 miles a day for traveling. Considering that the Teams can easily travel 300 miles in a day, there is no need to hurry in order to average 6 miles a day while traveling.


Heck, just calmly watching a great sunset gently meander through a series of spectacular views can be another wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun.