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Harbor Guards, Rockport, Texas


Staying Low

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM wanted to do a bit of golf ball hitting with his new to him golf clubs he got months ago. So Sierra took us to a nice large field near Sinton Texas to hack around for a little while. As it turns out the OFM was able to remember how to hit some decent shots after a little practice. That made the practice more fun and less involvment for the trees around us. No trees were injured in this practice session. It was fun.

Back in Rockport we have getting ready for the lay low weekend, party time for others called Memorial weekend. We will be very glad when Tuesday morning dawns on the area.

The OFM went and talked to a couple of local artists about having time to paint. They all said the same thing, you have to schedule the time and let something else slide. After some serious consideration the OFM has decided that a schedule written in chalk will be developed tomorrow so that each of our hobbies and chores will get their fair share of time.

Naps will continue to be a high priority. The blog, art, house cleaning, fishing, golf etc will be given reasonable chunks of time to allow the Teams to have fun doing lots of different things. Right now we are extremely low on things to write about in the blog but with a bit of luck that will change as our style gets lined out. Never to be forgotten is that our motto is “trying to have tooooo much fun.”