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Water Diamonds, Lake Amistad, TX


Onward Into The Free

Adventure Location: Spur 406, Lake Amistad, Texas

OK it is time to get on over to the free camping area. First find the entry marker to see which dirt road goes to the right area.

Then we head down the dirt road. But a normal good idea is to walk the dirt road and check if you and your rig can navigate the first few hundred feet of road to get onto the rocky section. After you get to the rocky section there is little risk of getting stuck. Here is the entry into the dirt road section.

And here is some of the reason for walking this section before heading down it.

Suddenly you will break out onto the hard surface and travel will be easier but still slow. Places to set up will abound on both sides of the “road” going back into the area.

As you meander on back into the area a small canyon opens on your left. There are lots of places to camp very close to the edge of the canyon so you can have water views like these.


This canyon leads on around to a bigger canyon of Lake Amistad. At full lake level this whole dispersed camping area has a few feet of water over it. The “road” does not make a loop but is a a dead end path. While we were here there were many fish jumping and cavorting in the water. Perhaps they would like to try there luck at fighting a lure.

Please remember that this is a remote area that can leave you with a long walk, or if raining a long slog through the mud at the beginning to get help if an emergency happens. At the same time it looks like a neat place to run around trying to have tooooo much fun.