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Sun Explosion, Rockport, Texas


New Campsite

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

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Morning fishing required a long sleeve shirt and long pants for comfort. Evening fishing was tee shirt and shorts as usual. No fish were caught. No fish even bumped the lures presented.

A bit before lunch our new site was vacated by the previous occupants. Some of our outside stuff was carried to the new site. That is about a 75 foot long distance. Then we went off to lunch.  A nice long lunch and some messing around in Walmart buying two more long sleeve tee shirts got us back to the campground about 1430. Thirty minutes later the Castle was set up in its new campsite. Notice all the nice shade in the afternoon. This is a good site for keeping shade on the Castle most of the day.

Tomorrow will be a chores day like grocery shopping. Certainly some lure drowning will also happen. Lure drowning is very important to trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.