Soft Beach Sand

Adventure Location: Mustang Island State Park, TX
Adventure Date: 1/10/2019
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 He woke earlier than normal and actually got out of bed before the sun came up. The OFM very seldom does something silly like that. Before you know it breakfast was fixed and consumed. WOW what got into him besides potatoes and eggs.

It turned out a couple of chores were needing to be done and he awoke thinking about them. So we soon were out the door and rolling. We had forgotten that The OFM had watched the weather and carefully planned an adventure out at the Gulf beach. We meandered around getting some things done like mailing a picture postcard to grandson Gavin. When the time was right (the temperature had risen a nice amount) Sierra was pointed at the Port Aransas ferry and away we went to the BEACH.

We were able to drive right onto the ferry but had to wait a few minutes for it to fill up. While we were sitting there the OFM notice a different looking landing dolphin,

Something must have really whopped it a good one.  Looks like some major repair work is needing to be done. Maybe even the ferry got bad smashed. Who knows?

Well as we pulled out another landing dolphin was wrapped with yellow tape and had a bad lean to it. OK something serious must have happened. Anyway we crossed the channel just fine and as we pulled into the dock the OFM noticed the ferry to our starboard had a lot of paint scrapped off its port side.

We got off the ferry and headed to Whataburger in Port Aransas for lunch and then to the beach.The place was nearly empty so we were able to get in and gone in record time. A left turn down the island and there we went. About halfway to the entrance there was some road work to slow us down. The folks did a great job of the traffic controls and we were delayed only a few minuted. The road definitely needed repairs in that section.

Finally we arrived at the entrance to Mustang Island State Park which is in a nearly total reconstruct from Hurricane Harvey. Talking with the entrance lady we found out that the park camping is planned to be open again in the new nice facilities in about two months. Man o man that will be a busy place this summer.

The nice lady at the entrance booth told us that the road to the Fish Pass Jetties was extra soft today and the Teams needed to exercise extra care. The OFM is an old time beach driver and Sierra is a great soft surface vehicle since it uses fairly low pressure tires. Sierra usually just floats across the sand.

Sierra was taken to the main beach parking lot to check out the soft sand a bit before we head off on the beach entry road. 

The OFM spent a few minutes checking the sand near the parking lot and decided we would carefully try our luck with running the beach. Wishing Sierra good luck we headed for the north beach entrance and the VERY soft sand.

We are stopping here at three pages since we have a huge amount of story left to tell about a fantastic day meandering around on the beach trying very hard to have tooooo much fun.

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