Short Sighted

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Report Date: 1/16/2019
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Yep we were out meandering around in a fog. Not the usual mental fog of the OFM, but a real, wet, chilly fog. For some unknown silly reason the OFM decided he needed to update his memory banks about Conn Brown Harbor in Aransas Pass today. So away we went on an adventure in a fog.

The fog was not so bad on the main roads but when we turned toward the bay and harbor the fog thickness increased a lot. It was slow driving after that. Sierra got us safely to the end of the road near the boat ramps and harbor exit. Then we piddled around trying to take pictures in a fog.

We heard a boat out on the water but at first could not tell where the sound was originating. In a few seconds the boat came out of the fog headed out into the bays.

We made a circle in the parking lot with Sierra to get a better angle for another picture. As you can see in this next picture, the boat was already out of sight. Where did it go? We have no idea.

Nearby was the cleaning station with the two pelicans on guard. Pelicans really know how to hunker down in inclement weather. These two seemed to be well practiced at hunkering.

As we swung past the fishing pier we noticed a truck parked at the entrance with Alaska license plates on it. We figure it had to be the two hardy tough folks in this next picture. Sensible folks would not be sitting out there in the chilly wet climate. Notice the two pelican “guards” out there making certain they do not waste any fish by throwing them back in.

On the way back in from the ramp area Sierra tried out a dirt road. Bad choice. All the rain of the last 24 hours had the dirt a bit soft. Sierra is a smart truck. As soon as it got a feel for the surface, Sierra made and abrupt 180 and out we came safely. Thank you, Sierra.

Back on the pavement, we headed for the exit. But along the way the OFM had the Teams stop to let him take another fog picture of a bay shrimper that was wise enough to stay in the harbor and leave the shrimp alone today.

The OFM was lost in a bay fog once years ago and it was not a fun “educational” event. Once was definitely enough.

This was a good day for trying to have tooooo much fun if you didn’t mind not seeing very far around yourself.

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