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On Guard


Morning Sun

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 1/09/2019
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 The morning pancake breakfast was going along smoothly. The OFM was sitting at the table with the window blinds pulled up enjoying the sun waking up the neighborhood. It was so nice he even took a picture of it while he was eating.

Where as yesterday was a bikini day, this morning was cool enough that coats and other warm clothing was required. This workman, for example, was in a tee shirt and shorts while working on the gazebo yesterday. Definitely not this morning.

Naturally with the north wind bringing in the cool air, it blew a lot of the water from the bay back into the Gulf of Mexico. That made for some really shallow spots where we normally do some fish catching. All that sand you see is normally under water.

Late in the afternoon Sierra claimed the temperature had warmed up a good bit.

And it apparently did. The red/white Top Dog Jr lure we found yesterday proved its worth with a large speckled trout this afternoon. It was a surprise to catch a trout on a topwater lure when it was not warm out but we landed the fish and measured it at a bit over 17“ and let it go back to make babies this spring. Naturally the camera was back there in Sierra.

We did get a small part of the Castle exterior  washed when the temps were moderately warm. There is still a lot of trailer to bathe yet. Washing RVs while the air is chilly is not a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I'm cold just thinking about washing a trailer in chilly weather! You sure do keep busy, so I doubt you are truly an old fat man.

    1. Well I am 72 and 50 pounds overweight at 210. Your call.

    2. Barney, you are not overweight...you are just undertall.

  2. That Top Dog Jr is your new lucky charm. What a find! If you ever need a Jitterbug, there are some pecan trees on the Guadalupe where mine are hiding out. I've heard about trout hitting the topwaters and how rare that is.

  3. Amazing how the weather can change so quickly.

  4. A Fuji FinePix camera is just over a hundred dollars & it's water proof, it could be with you on your wet adventures and keep on ticking. That 17" fish can always be immortalized!

    I had to replace the battery in mine, all the rest of the point & shoot cameras I've had stopped working (sand or water) long before the battery wore out.