Anything and Everything

Adventure Location: Mustang Island State Park, TX
Adventure Report Date: 1/13/2019
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Very recently a lady could not understand the OFM’s answer when she asked “ What are you looking for?” in reference to the Teams beachcombing. Everything and anything. 

Tonight we finish up the beach trip report. Sometimes the OFM hates to write about a successful meander because so much gets left out. For each picture tonight there was at least 9 more that had to be left out.

One more wind sculpture is needed to show another style of them. Sometimes these get very large and dramatic. There has been a few down on Padre Island that were taller than the OFM. This one looks like a scene from a treasure hunt movie but in reality is only about 5 inches high but about 4 feet long. The edges were still forming because we saw changes in the few minutes we watched it while planning the photograph.

Another item that caught our attention was some sand on an old dead tree trunk. WOW that sounds exciting, right! Well we enjoyed it and seeing the scene developing as we took photos. The sand was still depositing on the trunk as we watched.

Many years ago the OFM incorrectly identified this as coral and a wonderful reader gently corrected him. It is a purple barnacle. However they are very brilliant at times and really catch your attention sitting in the sand and being tumble polished in the surf. This is a very dull example but it still caught the eye of the Meanderthall on the beach.

The shell is a pretty shell. We have no idea the name of it since we are not in possession of a Meanderers Bucket at the moment. A Meanderers Bucket is the subject of a forth coming blog entry. The shell was carefully lifted and checked that no critters were at home to damage the OFM hand. Then the photos were taken. Few really nice shells were on the beach this trip. Sometimes the beach is loaded with them.

And last is the brown shell and other things. The brown shell was one of few this day that were not damaged. The “necklaces” of shells laying around it were interesting also. The scene just struck the OFM’s fancy so here it is in the blog.

As you can tell the OFM had a wander-ful day at the beach and made a pretty good effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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