Chaos in the Kitchen

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Report Date: 1/26/2019
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The pain was real and persistent. It is known as HUNGER PAIN. The OFM had to get busy and fix some good food. But the day had been very full and busy so nothing was close to ready. LOOK OUT the OFM is fixing to wreck havoc in the kitchen. And he did. In fact he was so concentrated on preparing the pork chops, green beans and asparagus he forgot to photograph the Chaos in the Kitchen. But he did remember to photograph the aftermath of the event..

The pork chops were pan fried gently. Of course they were fried in a 3 liter pot with a lid to contain the spatter from cooking meat in olive oil. The long green beans and asparagus spears were steamed in a bowl in the microwave for four minutes. That was about thirty seconds too long. the OFM really likes to have a bit of crunch to both of those vegetables. However he did not turn away from them.

There is a set of photos waiting to be processed yet. But they will wait for another entry. A near disaster happened at the parking lot at the fishing spot.  A couple of days ago the OFM dropped his rod reel down on the pavement. Bad error normally but the reel seemed to work ok. So a few scratches was the damage.

Here is the reel after today.

That is just before it went to the trash can. It started acting up really badly after the first fish today. Then it cost the OFM Fishing Team a couple more fish and an $8 lure. We shut down the fishing and went back to the Castle.

Quick examination revealed the jumble of internal pieces that used to be reel parts. Oh Well at least the OFM is experienced enough to purchase from the low end of the Shimano spinning reel line.

Two more of the reels were waiting in a container in a cabinet of the Castle. The busted reel was only about ten years old with 874562 miles on it. The replacement is only about 8 years old with less than half that mileage, so it should do just fine.

Another of the many things we did today was laundry. Laundry takes about 30 minutes to wash and 45 minutes to dry. That gave the OFM about an hour to mull over the less than perfect weather in the neat future. After the laundry was finished and put away, he went back to work on deciding on a good departure day. After lots of consideration he decided to maintain the January 30 departure but cut the first day of travels down to less than 75 miles.  A couple of days there will let some of the weather have a chance to give up and move on. Then we can start towards the Rio Grande again. It might be interesting to see what the Teams really does.

We are well into page three and ready for sleep after a hugely busy day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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