Over Eating?

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Report Date: 1/20/2019
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It was a surprise comment from an old friend yesterday. “Your blog has gotten boring lately.” No helpful information was forwarded to the OFM. As those of us that attempt to do creative things that the public gets to see and enjoy knows that after eleven years of nearly daily effort put out into the public eye, some of the efforts will be less that the best. Helpful comments that are part of a solution instead of part of the problem are very appreciated. The OFM basically just shook his head in his mind and went on with the visit.

It was a cold morning of 39F when we got moving. During all the running errands of the day we picked up a couple of “boring pictures and stories” for your enjoyment.

On the way back from Aransas Pass the Teams voted for a quick trip to Light House Lakes to check out the super low tides of the last couple of days. And they have been LOW. This is the much photographed bench that we use as a reference to water levels and a couple of other things. It shows the very pretty sunny cold day like it was bikini time. It wasn’t.

What it did show us is that the camera has a trouble now. The image in the view finder is about 20 degrees higher than the view of the lens. So now the OFM has to compensate his aim when looking through the viewfinder. It must be time to consider a new camera. Luckily the funds for a new camera arrived Friday and are on the way to the bank.

While we were meandering near the bench we, actually the OFM, stumbled across a piling stump that is normally covered in water. This is shooting straight down on top of the stump.

When we first spotted it we were looking straight down at it and could not figure it out. Then the OFM moved to the side a little ways and we could see it was an old piling. That is one goofy looking stump isn’t it.

We went to the harbor at the last of the daylight today to check out a modification (successful) to the fishing gear. While we were there some of the birds of the area kept edging over closer to a plastic bag on the bulkhead. But the presence of the OFM scared them too much to get closer.

The OFM decided to check out the trash and throw it into the dumpster. It is a common practice in that area that if you are about to leave and have some still good bait left, you leave in in a container on the wall for someone else to use. When the contents of the bag was identified, it was dead 5“ finger mullet in good shape for fishing. The OFM looked around and we were about the only fishing person left along the wall. So the OFM dumped the ten or so mullet out of the bag on the ground for the birds.

 Then the empty bag was dropped in the dumpster. By the time the bag was placed in the dumpster and the OFM got turned around  a large bird had closed in and was having a wonderful feast. It did not take that bird long to swallow all of the mullet.

The bird was just walking around when we left. We wondered if it ate too much to fly! We bet the big bird considered that event as trying to have tooooo much fun.

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