Adventure Location: Mustang Island State Park, TX
Adventure Report Date: 1/12/2019
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And finally we are ready to begin the meander. Keep in mind we have had to sort down to these six pictures from what seemed like 467032 pictures just for tonight’s blog entry. The OFM is bad about loading the camera card with all it can carry in its 4GB ability per outing.

The hard part was choosing the line of meander after the fantastic find of that Beach Toadstool. Basically we like to choose a line parallel to the water and walk along that line. Then when we hit the end we shift to another line that looks promising and follow it to the end. Repeat as often as your knees can hold out. With a serious thought of close to three seconds our line was chosen to be near the water. And away we went at a snails pace meandering speed. Sometimes we only make a hundred yards in a morning.

There was only one piece of sizable driftwood on this beach. We think it made a pretty nice picture. To our surprise there were about seven pictures of this tree to choose from on the camera card. The sun sparkle on the water was very nice 

Several years ago the OFM came up with the term wind sculpture for all the nice, odd or otherwise interesting things that happen to sand when objects and the wind/nature combine to make interesting shapes or as the OFM likes to call it WIND SCULPTURES.

Here are two of the simpler types we noticed and enjoyed. This one is caused by two sections of vine leaves interacting with the wind. We really liked the way the ripples of sand radiate out and around.

As we meandered near the dunes later, there was a feather half buried in the sand. It created its own style of sculpture. It amazed us how a simple feather could cause such beautiful curves and ripple in the sand. This was a first for the OFM Teams to see. WOW two first in one trip, a feather sculpture and a sand dune toadstool. I wonder how many other folks have seen either one.

Sea foam is on the beaches often. Many times it is pretty nondescript. But today the sun and sand was playing nicely with each other and the reflections were fantastic. On top of that as you walked around the foam the colors changed and the reflections seemed to create new images from the same blob of foam. It was fascinating.

Then this one is more of a sun reflection from the foam and wet sand. It is special in our mind.

Then the sun on the sand was another really delightful of beauty to enjoy.

So far it has been a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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