Fall Bench


No Ambulance Required

 Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:August 11, 2018

It was a trail to the foot bridge that the OFM has traveled often for seven years now. The never heard here before tinkling of the small waterfall was new and needed the best GrannyJ checking out that we could give it. So the OFM eased over toward the sound with the camera at the ready. The nice gravel surface was well packed down. The border rocks about the size of basketballs had been clambered on often through the years of stopping here for photos.

The boulder chosen to stand on was tested and stayed still and firm. The OFM carefully stepped up and stood balanced on the near waterside boulder and looked and strained to get a view of the new waterfall. It was not to be seen. So the OFM very carefully turned a little to step down onto the packed gravel that was between the boulders. The small collection of leaves on the ground looked normal.

Then as his right foot went through the thin leaf layer into nothing, the OFM knew he was in trouble. Of course there was nobody in sight at this moment. His clad in shorts right leg slid along the boulder lightly scrapping skin off as his foot continued its journey to China it seemed. Meanwhile the part of the OFM that was not involved in sliding down the hole to China was flailing mightily with a camera in one hand and the other hand grasping for some sturdy air to steady himself. Here is a tip for our readers. There is NO air sturdy enough to steady your self.

For the next little while the OFM was wondering if he fell over would his leg would break off as his fat oversize body fell down the rocks into the lake. Oh that was not a pretty thought.

About then his foot hit the bottom of the hole and stopped nearly knee deep. The OFM arm without the camera managed to brace on another boulder while his imprisoned leg rubbed back and forth on the now bloody rock. Did you know a rock with fresh blood on it lets your leg slip around on it very easily? 

So anyway now the huge fat body is stabilized knee deep in a hole next to the lake where the snakes come out to play at night.  A quick all to well experienced exam of the situation showed that the least lethal way out was to lay in a certain direction on the boulders and gently pull the leg out of the hole before something mean chomped on it.

The removal started and the blood lubricated rock surface allowed an easy removal of the leg. A bit of examination showed no serious damage to the leg. A bit of drinking water was used to wash the minor but free bleeding wound. The OFM was hot and sweaty so the blood smeared around nicely. His nice white handkerchief worked well as a wash cloth.  More examination showed the most damaged part was his ego. The other miracle was that nobody had come along to laugh at his foolishness.  So the Teams got the OFM on his feet and decided that he should not do this again as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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