Golf Over

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:August 31, 2018
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The golf clubs are all packed away for rolling. the monthly pass ran out today. Trying to play in the massive crowds this weekend would be foolish anyway. Fall has sent its advance group to the area and the vegetation is beginning to seriously change to a new season.

There is big doings over in the waterpark area this weekend. The trails will be full of kids on bike getting in  last HURRAH. The OFM has big plans to get all our stuff ready for travel on Wednesday. Big adventures will be in short supply but the excitement level about the rolling date will be screaming up.

What do you do next if your Bucket List is all scratched off?

There is a new town in the park. It is Toadstool Town and it sprang up overnight on an old pile of pine needles and other vegetation.

We grabbed a couple of the last hold out flowers in the area. Getting good flower pictures is very quickly coming to a close around here. Here is a trumpet flower.

And we have some very delicate purple flowers. They were about the size of a nickle.

The OFM just told me that getting ready to roll is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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