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Golf The OFM Way

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:August 30, 2018
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It is time for some golf lessons from the OFM. There is two important sounds while playing golf. The first is Whack.  That is the sound the golf club makes when it hits the golf ball.

The next sound is thwack. That is the sound that the ball makes hitting trees, cars, fence posts and other things.

So lets play one hole on the easy hole of the golf course.

The OFM tees it up and looks down the wide open very sunlit fairway. He tees his ball and aligns in the direction of his shot path in hopes the ball will go that way. WHACK.....THWACK..THWACK..THWACK. Well this is good he has hit his ball into the shade and in familiar territory. Any body can play golf from the fairway but the OFM likes a challenge.

As we arrive at the location of the golf ball the OFM glares, I mean looks, at what he faces next.

Yep he has a serious challenge. The club is selected. Alignment is carefully made. The swing is made.   Whack............thwackthwack is the resonating sound from the two trees close to the green. The ball could have gone toward the flag on the green but that would have been too easy. The situation is studied.

OK, now we have it made. A simple little pitch shot with the chosen (but probably wrong) club is all that is needed. The swing is made and it yields a little whack. The ball skims the grass leaving a smoking trail of fried worms across the bunker, green and down into the fairway in front of the green.

This is great, now the OFM can use his putter and not get in any worse trouble. It goes well from here and into the hole in only four more strokes. So there you get to see the great fun he has playing golf, especially in the trees. He must like the trees since he spends so much time amongst them.

We mentioned to him a few years ago that if he played the whole round with just his putter his score would be a lot lower. He said no thanks, the trees are his friends and he likes to visit them. Now you can understand why the OFM thinks playing golf is a wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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