Greeting the Sun

 Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:August 16, 2018
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The arising came very early this morning. For some weird reason the OFM rolled his fat lazy body out of bed way early this morning. Before you knew it he was ready for the morning walk.

How early was it? Well just hang in there and we have a picture of how early. He headed out the front road of the campground to the path that parallels the golf course and Point Mallard Drive. The pace was brisk but not harmfully fast. The air temperature was 77 which seemed cool compared to the last few days.

When we cleared the entrance to the golf course the sun was just breaking over the trees. A little ways on down the path the OFM declared the view worth a picture to prove he really was up that early for a change.

Then we headed on along the path until we came to the maintenance road entrance. This is the road that goes around the golf course. At the entrance we took a right and followed the road on along enjoying the early scenery. There was a good amount of folks coming our direction as they finished up their four mile walk. 

We got along the road to the lake area and stopped to take this picture with the sun just above the tree tops now.

A slight breeze was just starting to happen and we appreciated it for the rest of the walk. The OFM seemed to be feeling decent so we kept on walking past our normal turn around point at the lake drain. A little ways past is where the long through the woods trail intersects the maintenance road and ends. We were sure he would turn back at the intersection.

Wrong again as usual. He turned left onto the trail and headed on towards the Tennessee River.

He walked briskly for several minutes until we got to the spot that you can see a big chunk of the river. There he paused and rested a bit.

What got us to moving pretty quick was the large number of three pound (it sounded like cannon balls) hickory nuts slamming their way down through the trees and burying themselves in the dirt around us. The recollection of the sycamore seed from a couple of days ago was still fresh on the OFM’s mind.

So we started retracing our path back a a quick pace until we got out of the tree bombardment area.  Back on the road the OFM was still setting a higher than normal pace until we got back on the path along Point Mallard Drive where he suddenly stopped and mentioned that it was time to slow down as his hip was starting to pain him. We all agreed with him on that one.

At this point he mentioned that his new shoes were doing very well.

Of course they were not new since they were purchased about three years ago in expectation of his former Merrell’s to wear out back then. They didn’t. If these hold up like the last pair, he will be wearing them for at least eight years daily. Really good comfortable shoes are hard to find.

Meanwhile we were off on a good speed meander back to the Castle. The wonderful breeze held up all the way back. The breeze made it a great way of starting a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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