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Magic Culvert

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:August 22, 2018
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They are back causing the Teams trouble. The explosion of yellow has been huge and the effect on our respiratory systems is even bigger.

Cough, gag every where we go around here. But soon (2 weeks) we will be back on the salt water Texas coast where everything is always perfect. If you buy that, the teams have lots of pristine things to sell you at bargain prices.

There is a magic culvert that goes under a walking trail near here and hole 4 of the golf course. Flint Creek has a small finger that heads over to the golf course. A moderate innocent looking culvert goes under the walking trail/maintenance road to allow the golf course lakes to have water. This picture is from on the road looking toward the golf course.

But this is no ordinary culvert. Nope it is a culvert with special magic powers. When the water leaves Flint Creek it is ordinary creek water. On the other side of the culvert the water has the special property of pulling golf balls to it. 

The evidence is very plain. Frequently the OFM hits his golf ball perfectly, as usual, to go over the water but the golf ball is drawn in to disappear forever. What we do not know is what the water does with the golf ball.  But we know without a shadow of a doubt something happens during that culvert transition because no golf balls are ever drawn into the Flint Creek side of the culvert.

This is just one of the mysteries in the woods of Flint Creek. 

For fun this morning the OFM’s right leg calf muscle decided the OFM needed exercise hopping around on one foot when he awakened and jumped out of bed. So the right calf decided to have the worst muscle cramp it could create to entertain the Teams with the OFM dancing effort. For some reason that leg is still very sore and getting in the way of things like walking.

Of course that was not enough fun so the OFM decided to slip in the bathroom on his right leg so he could fall far enough to SLAM his left shin into the top edge of the bath tub. The result was a knot about four inches in diameter and 3/4 inch high. Now,five hours later, the knot is nearly gone but the bruise is starting to be noticeable.  So we guess it all evened out with both legs having extra excitement today. Tomorrow we will do other things for  trying to have tooooo much fun.

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