Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:August 13, 2018
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I was an amazing event this morning. The OFM actually rolled out of bed earlier than normal, got breakfast eaten and was out the door before it got hot for a morning walk. We figured he was sleep walking. Then to our amazement he set a quick pace well above meandering.  What is wrong with this fool?

Anyway he kept the speed up and took a familiar route but looped it in the opposite direction from usual. The temperature was warm about 74 F. Absolutely no breeze at all. Soon the sweat was flowing gently but there was no let up. When we cut back along Flint Creek headed back to the Castle he stopped long enough to take this picture.

His comment was “Sure a lot of hanging pine needles this year.” Whooosh and we were moving on. Now please understand we were not near running but definitely a good bit faster pace than a meander.

A nice bit on along and this mile marker came into view.

That means we have more than that left to get back to the Castle. Hmmm.  We hope he can make it.

So we are zooming along next to some thick underbrush along Flint Creek when the OFM dug his heels in for a sliding stop EEEEeeeerk. What’s wrong we asked? He said “I just saw an alligator in the creek!”  So we very carefully eased out way back a ways to check it out. 

Sure enough there was something reminding us of an alligator partially visible through the thick brush. The OFM ( he of many years of alligator experience) unlimbered the camera and got ready for a quick picture and fast exit. He eased through the brush. There was about ten feet of brush until he could stick his arms through to a somewhat open spot and grab a couple of pictures. Then we waited to see what was going to happen.

Then we did a bit of careful pushing brush aside and could see well enough to see that we were a couple of fools again. But at least it was an exciting moment.

From here the OFM decided to slow down some since his hip was starting to give pain to him. That was good to see him be wise for a change. The rest of the trail and across the large parking lot at the water park was uneventful. And we comfortably made it back to the Castle with a camera with lots more pictures in it. The best we could tell today’s walk was nearly three miles. The heat was building when we returned but the Teams agreed it was a nice walk in search of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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