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Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:August 29, 2018
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About a year ago the OFM Meandering Team was wandering down a path and took a picture of some fungi. We named it Biskits and gave it a place in the blog that day. Here it is.

Now a year later the Team was meandering around doing nothing worthwhile until the OFM realized that we had been here before. a bit of looking around and lo and behold here was Biskits a year later. The photo was taken again. To the best of our recollection we had never seen one year old fungi before. In fact we thought that they rotted away totally in a couple of months. We were wrong on that assumption. Here is Biskit one year later.

The OFM got a wild hair in his nose and ordered a couple of window decals for Sierra. For those that do not recognize them the left one is for the 82nd Airborne  and the one on the right is for the 101st Airborne. Those are the two units the OFM served in during the Viet Nam war.

The reflection in the window came out really nice. That is the OFM in disguise as a normal human taking the picture. Behind him is the campground office, rest rooms and laundry building. This shows to go you that when taking pictures you need to pay attention to the backgrounds you are also photographing. 

The heat and humidity are still being very nasty to humans here so we have been spending a lot of time indoors in the AC in our effort of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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