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Way Too Hot

Adventure Location: Decatur Alabama
Adventure Date:6/16/2018
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At least the two migraines today were lighter in intensity and lasted a good bit shorter time. That means the OFM is not near as bad as yesterday. It was still a lot of bed time day. 

By supper time the OFM was good enough to head out to a new restaurant he had been told about down in Priceville, Al.  It was supposed to be very good and it was. We will be going back again.

 The menu is catfish and other good meats with excellent vegetables tonight. His meal was much larger than we expected. Two LARGE filets of catfish, 6 hush puppies, a cup of cole slaw topped with fresh slices of onion, a sweet potato and iced tea made up the meal. From the looks of the other diners meals, the meals are all large.

The miserable heat is keeping most folks inside during the day. The pine trees are dense enough that the Castle only gets a minor amount of sun on it during the day. Even without the sun heating the campsite, Sierra’s temperature gage about 1600 today was still reading 97 degrees in the shade. There is no golf happening for the Teams in those conditions.

Tomorrow is a visit with the OFM’s folks over in Madison. Their home AC works very well and we will enjoy it.

The heat is not letting the OFM run around outside to have adventures or take pictures. Do not worry if no blog is posted for a few days. The OFM teams are not going to fight the near 100F heat in an attempt of being outside for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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