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Location Assistance Requested

Adventure Location: Decatur Alabama
Adventure Date:6/13/2018
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It started innocently but the OFM imagination took it onward at light speed or faster. The Boondork had mentioned south Alabama as a place to spend some time. The OFM knew a little bit about the area from several years in the past.

Fast forward a couple of hours worth of the OFM brain whizzing with thoughts. The Teams are Escapees members of nearly 22 years. The Escapees campground at Summerdale, Al has been our home once for a couple of weeks. So the OFM started digging through the Internet to check out things down that way. Records for temperatures were checked and it is a couple of degrees cooler in the winter than Corpus Christi Tx. That is well inside our tolerance.

Next we checked for golf. Good grief lots of golf in the area.  Ok now how about shore fishing.  A major nice pier on the surf in the Gulf and another pier at Fairhope in Mobile Bay. Then we were able to determine there is a nice amount of shore fishing on the bays. Maybe even some kayak fishing! A lot of things have changed in the last few years.

OK so far so good. What we are asking for is personal experience information in the area including including the other side of Mobile Bay from September until April. Good, Bad, and whatever you wish to help with would be appreciated. We have not really explored that area very much so we think a few months there might work out pretty nice.

You can email the OFM directly at or you can leave a comment. We are very willing to dig into Internet sites that you might recommend.

Of course we are REALLY interested in places where we can take great pictures to post while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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