Clarkson Covered Bridge

Adventure Location: Cullman, Alabama
Adventure Date:June 2018
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You have to drive a bit out into the country west of Cullman Alabama to get to the Clarkson Covered Bridge Park. The drive is easy and on good roads. There was plenty of room for parking vehicles like Sierra but even small motorhomes will have trouble if more than a couple of other vehicles are there. Trailers need to stay away.

We rolled in on a very warm morning and Sierras AC had been doing a great job of cooling the camera as well as the OFM. So when Mr. Knucklehead jumped out to take the first and only  picture of the sign, the lens was still fogged. We did all we could to make the writing legible but it is still a struggle to read it. 

After that we meandered on over to the covered bridge to get some more pictures. It is a rebuilt as was structure due to horrific floods but is a really nice place to visit. 

We did and do recommend taking the walk across the bridge to the other end. It gives you a nice view up and down stream of the hollow that the bridge crosses. The little crick at the bottom does not look dangerous at all but apparently it can have a real temper tantrum now and then.

We meandered on down into the holler bottom to look around. It is a nice place to visit with picnic tables and rest rooms. We went over to check out the bridge supports since we had risked our life crossing earlier.

The towers have visible lines where new stones were stacked on the older base to rebuild the bridge. Look closely and the lines can be seen in the picture above.

As the OFM gazed at the far end of the bridge he realized that the far end appeared to rest on a ledge projecting out of the cliff wall. And that ledge looked to have a large cave under it. The brush was thick and the OFM a wimp so we will not know the whole story on that until a reader goes there and checks it out for us.

The rest of the holler is pretty neat also and we meandered it pretty well, but that story will wait for the next blog writeup.

There were lots of flowers blooming in the area and one of them was near the bridge entrance. The Teams spent a good while talking to another tourist that walked up while we were deciding which flower to photograph. And the winner is 

Rose of Sharon Flower

We still have a couple of very neat pictures to show but they will wait to decorate the next blog entry. We were very pleased with our visit of a little more than an hour. It is a nice place for meandering around with a camera trying to have tooooo much fun.

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