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West Texas


Rain Hibernation

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date: June 01, 2018
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The OFM was less soggy during the monsoon seasons in Viet Nam. The steel hand rails at the office are sagging from being soaked. This is getting old and still more is in sight.

Adventures are hard to come by. A little walking gets done and even one picture got taken. Check out this cute spider web.

We will be glad when it dries out enough to drive on the street without leaving ruts. We are still alive and paying bills hoping for some sunshine. Eating an ice cream cone has been our closest attempt at trying to have tooooo much fun lately.


  1. Have you thought about a few plants in pots?🤗

    Spring was a month late here but my cucumbers and squash are growing like crazy! Even camped on Padre I dragged my soil pots around to have fresh salad veggies.

  2. Hey Barney. It's me, Ann from Oliver Lee visit. Sorry to have missed you your last trip to NM. I totally understand sogginess after being in North Carolina. Please send a bunch of your rain to NM.

    1. I remember you Ann. and I remember how delightful you were to visit with.

  3. Oh, Barney. Yes, the rain gets to be a pain! But it is so hot here in North Texas! What we would give for a few days of rain! The THI was 105 a few minutes ago. Just imagine what we are looking at in the months ahead! All we can do is cope. I like ice cream, too.