Body Slam!

Adventure Location: Decatur Alabama
Adventure Date:6/7/2018
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The OFM slept very late this morning. In fact he slept clear through the night without interruption for ten hours. That means it was1000 hours before breakfast and cleanup was finished. It was hot outside with the usual no wind. A bike ride was suggested and all the Teams thought that was a good idea.

The OFM gathered the things together for a bike ride. Helmet, gloves, keys, water, turn on brain, and a few other nicnaks were gathered. Then we checked on the bike and it was still asleep under the picnic table.


Well we woke it up and got it ready for riding. Air in the tires, seat uncovered and our other stuff loaded. Then it was time to get riding.

We rolled the bike out from under the table and got ready to ride. The OFM forgot he is the OLD Fat Man. He attempted a flying start by stepping on a pedal and swinging his other leg over the bike and riding off like he has done in the past.  Well it did not quite work out. In fact it did not even come close. As he leaned the bike over slightly to swing his leg over the gravel under the front tire let loose and a sliding we were going. He hit the brakes as the tire slid farther sideways and the OFM went the other way.

Now you may be wondering where Sierra the faithful truck was during all this. Sierra was standing close by to help if needed. And Sierra was right, help was needed.

As the OFM was going down Sierra closed in to give the OFM something to bump into instead of the hard ground down there. So the OFM basically slammed into Sierra’s driver door and slid down the door surface to the assist step and stopped.

The feverish activity came to a sudden stop. KABANG.  OK take a minute to evaluate the situation. Blood: one small gravel scratch on a leg. Bruises: Probably will show up later.
Bike Damage: None in sight.
Feeling of STUPIDITY: Strong in the OFM.

After a moments checking that the event was now dormant, the OFM started to get up and untangle the participants. It did take a few moments but actually went very well in spite of the fool doing the untangling.

OK time to try again. This time the OFM applied the bike brakes and did a no rolling straddle of the bike. Then the pedals were positioned for a start and the gravel was warned about what would happen if it misbehaved again. The OFM pressed on the pedal and the gravel behaved and away we went. We rode through the campground, around the soccer fields, past the ice rink, along the road around the golf course, along part of the path near the river, near the water park and past the tennis courts. About then the left knee decided it wanted to go home so we did.

When we got home to the Castle, the OFM was extra careful when dismounting to come to a complete stop in a straddle position before doing a dismount. One uncontrolled body slam a day is plenty. It was pretty warm but the ride was a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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