Trail Styles

Adventure Location: Decatur Alabama
Adventure Date:6/24/2018
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Tonight we get to see what the trails are like in  Point Mallard Park. Sometimes the walkers are not the strongest limbs on the trees. The tourist came hurrying over to the Teams when he saw we were taking pictures. He said that we needed to go to a special wonderful viewpoint nearby to take pictures. It is fantastic over there and "nobody has ever been there before me." Just follow that gravel surfaced trail to get there. And away he went.

Now back to reality. The park has basically three types of trails. Some are paved and walkers, golf carts, bikes and bikers are allowed on them. Sometimes, like July Fourth, these are really busy with golf carts and bikes. 

Some of the trails are gravel surfaced and normally passable even when it has been raining. These trails run through the woods back away from the lake edge. These are mostly foot traffic and bikes trails. They frequently can be a bit muddy or damp during rains. Lots of trees surround these trails.

The third trail style is close to the lake or creeks. They are usually fairly nice with a softer style of footing. There is gravel in smaller quantity and in rainy weather there will be pockets of shallow water to dodge. Bikes and walkers are allowed on these. Sometimes you will also see red wagons etc carrying small children out for the scenery,

Something the Teams finds unique is the lichen laden tree tunnels. For some unknown reason to the Teams, every now and then there will be a hundred feet of trees lining the trail covered with lichens or what we think are lichens. The lichens vary from light gray to a faded blue green.

Tomorrow we will talk about some of the unusual things we sometimes sight on our trail travels as we work on having tooooo much fun.

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