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Healing Again

Adventure Location: Decatur Alabama
Adventure Date:6/11/2018
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This morning dawned with the OFM not ready to get going. The migraine that started last Saturday evening was a mean one this time. This morning was not a feel good morning yet so things moved slowly. It seemed to the Teams that the OFM needed to get some gentle exercise outside.

Eventually he got himself together enough to grab the camera and his hat for a walk. We heard activity at the soccer field and headed that way. The maintenance crew was into a big maintenance job. It looked like an aeration of the field in progress. Other chores were going on out there also but the OFM could not tell what it was. One thing for sure, it was pretty large equipment working.

Along the north soccer perimeter road is a heavily wooded drainage ditch. We had never looked into the foliage for fear of something insectual biting us. Today the OFM was doing his usual GrannyJ impression and noticed a narrow path going into the ditch area. It looked like a critter trail so he was very careful when going into the brush.

Well it was bright sun outside but in the jungle the light was about 80% less. In this next picture the flash had fired so it looks brighter than to regular lighting.

It was a nice little crick and no insects attacked. But he did not dawdle any longer than needed for the picture.

From there we had a nice meander at a gentle pace down to the river and along the river trail toward the water park. Trees and shoreline on our left and play fields to our right most of the time. A few pictures of tree leaves were taken trying to make the light of the morning create a magic effect. None turned out well so they went bye-bye .

We did find one fungus getting a good start. It is about the size of a quarter in this picture. The natural color was tending toward a beautiful purple in the dark spots. We will keep an eye on it for future photos.

Most of the rest of the day involved beds and chairs as the OFM continued to get better. By evening he was doing well and decided a yard bird salad would be good. A large bowl was centered on the counter and the refrigerator was emptied of lots of good stuff not the least was a double handful of sliced and cooked yard bird from a couple of days ago.

8" Wide Bowl

It was wonderful.

Meanwhile our friend Darrell Goza (  is hitting the road tomorrow after being held up for several months helping taking care of a family medical trouble. His blog is definitely worth reading. He is completely capable of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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