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West Texas


Playing Lumberjack

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date: June 02, 2018
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When the OFM finally awakened it was well into the morning. He was not enthusiastic this morning for quite a while. After breakfast and some Internet time he decided the rain would hold off today and we could get some outdoor cleanup done.

A quick look around told us that the Castle needed to have the roof “unlogged” of the tree debris from all the wind storm effort. Then a quick look around the campsite told us that the ground needs some cleanup also. The yard blower was brought out to go to work. First was the roof. The ladder was brought to see if we should use it for access for the blower.

We gave that a try and it was a BAD idea. So the OFM went back to using the rear ladder of the Castle. He prefers to stay away from standing on the roof due to his “wobblyness”. Today he did  well and the blower was put to work. Sticks, limbs, leaves, pine needles etc went flying every which way. The blower has been a very worthwhile purchase for the Teams.

The OFM did notice the small gutters at the edge of the roof were getting clogged with tree debris. So he squatted next to the edge to try to clean the gutter with his finger. AIN’T NO WAY THAT WAS GOING TO WORK OUT WELL. So he got back up (that was a sight to see) without falling off the roof ( another miracle). The blower was set next to the edge of the roof so he could use the A style ladder. This is seen in the picture above.

He headed back up the A style ladder and stopped to try to clean the little gutter. His thought is we need a wire bent on the end to use while standing safely on the ground. Nothing came to mind immediately so the blower was retrieved and blowing all the leaves etc. away from the Castle was done. Then it was put it away time.

The ladder was folded and stored under the rear of the Castle. The electrical cord was coiled and tied. Then the storage bin was opened and there it was. The canopy hook for the canopy we got rid of years ago was waiting to go to work. So we put it to work.

We tried it out several ways and it worked sort of. 

Then we raised the loop end some and the hook end fit right into the gutter and the debris came on out easily. WOWOW are we happy about that.

Now we have an easy GROUND BASED no OFM climbing required way of keeping the gutters clean so water does not puddle back onto the roof. In short order the gutters were clean, the hook put away, the electric cord stored and the blower secured in a cabinet and the sweating OFM back inside in the AC cooling off. Now it was time for trying to have tooooo much fun again.


  1. Happy to hear no holes in your roof. I have been clearing broken limbs and twigs for two days now.

  2. Nice clean up job well done. That is he biggest problem of camping under the trees, at least no damage to your roof.

  3. I figure any time I can stay off a ladder is a good time.

  4. I love it when al old tool finds a new use. Good job!

  5. To clean our trailers gutters I use a hose and an old style brass jet nozzle.

    1. I used to do that when it was safe for me on the roof edge.