Tree Teeth

Adventure Location: Decatur Alabama
Adventure Date:6/25/2018
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A couple of years ago a tall tree got blown over and laid across a small gully. The tree stayed mostly rooted and kept on growing. Upon returning this year the Teams went to check on the horizontal tree. We got a neat surprise. The tree was putting out vertical branches. Notice how the new branches are all growing vertically toward the sunlight. 

We think that within a few years this will be one interesting tree formation.

And now speaking of weird formations on trees, there is a tree over on the golf course that looks like it has teeth! It grows near hole four at the edge of a golf ball collection pond. You know the ponds that folks seem to just have to waste a ball in regularly. 

The OFM was not able to get a really good picture of it but here is his best effort. There is an old wound in the side of the tree near the ground/pond. In that wound is something growing that looks like snaggled teeth.

To get the above picture the OFM risked life and limb to ease out on an old root while balancing on one leg and leaning against an adjacent tree with one hand and the other hand holding the camera way out there trying to be still. We are certain that if anyone had seen the event we would have got great applause for the acrobatic act.

This next picture was taken with the zoom of the camera while still balancing on the root but now squatting. That shallow muddy bottom pond did not look like a nice swimming hole to him. Fortunately he stayed out of the pond. However the closeup did not give him any better clue what the teeth are.

If you can tell what the “teeth” are, plese let us know.

Getting those pictures was a very interesting way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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