Break Dancing

Adventure Location: Decatur Alabama
Adventure Date:6/27/2018
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We headed out to the trail through the woods. The first special thing we see as we enter the trail is an old tree knocked into pieces by the storm the night before. It had the Castle dancing a nice amount but as we found out some of the old trees really were break dancing. You can see in the photo two of the broken spots on the tree trunk. There were a couple more pieces that looked like they snapped when the tree hit the ground.

After seeing some more snapped off trees, we decided that the Teams had come through that storm very well. Several of the downed trees were large enough to have meant the end of the Castle. But none got us so here we are meandering around again.

Back off near the lake was some sort of weird object in the lakeside brush. After we got some brush pushed aside without getting alligator or snake bitten we could see it was an old stump from a tree that had been cut down. The stump was lying on its side and the core had rotted away. The hole was oriented just right for us to see light coming in from the evening like a flashlight shining towards us. That is what caught the OFM’s atten we think. Here is a picture of the camera captured while attempting to photograph the hollow interior of the stump.

Another interesting to us thing we have been seeing is rows of holes in living trees along the paths. The holes always go around the tree trunk. They are about 3/16“ in size and about an inch apart in the row. The rows are usually around 3“ apart vertically. We are wondering if these are rows made by woodpeckers drilling for bugs.

We get to see lots of strange things just by looking closely wherever we are at any moment. It certainly has a habit of making any moment a good effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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