Piddled on Paper

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date:June 30, 2018
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Well the day started out with a crash dive. The OFM was feeling rough and about 0900 the migraine hit. So for once he did a smart thing and just rested after breakfast. Sure enough before lunch he was up and around again and doing much better.

Since he and the day were stuck in first gear he did a little gentle maintenance on his massive fat body. He whipped out a machete and carved off a few rolls of belly fat from his Happy Buddha Belly. OH, wait a minute that is just what he dreamed he could do.

What he actually did is cull some of the excess golf clubs out of the Castle. The Castle is now a BUNCH of pounds lighter. Sierra will appreciate it when we head back to Rockport in mid-

For the rest of the day he piddled with PRISMACOLOR COLORED PENCILS for drawing artsy junk. Then he got the wild idea of using his watercolor pencils dry to do artsy drawings also. Well a lot of nice art paper was used up (wasted)  in piddling with that idea. The good news is that the dry watercolor pencil seems to be a great idea. We will know more in the near future but it looks promising.
Piddle Paper

Scribbling and wasting paper is a lot of fun and a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun especially when recovering from a migraine.

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