Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Wobbling Walk


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-20-2022

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The morning walk was just the usual dusty thorny south Texas brush in the area. The OFM was doing a lot of wobbling as he walked so we had to be extra careful of the footing. It all worked out well for about a mile and a half of sole transportation.

Then we prepared the rig for moving to the State Park and some 120 volt power to do a couple of maintenance efforts before we roll out tomorrow morning. The drive to the new site was about five miles total and the set up went very well. Here is the street side view,

And here is the backyard view.

We got busy with things that needed to be done like vacuuming 463 pounds of sand out of the Castle. We ended up emptying the vacuum and washing it clean of the fine powdered sand so it is nice and ready for another use next year.

Next we got to work on the tires and made sure we got the latest proper pressures to inflate them to from the Goodyear site on the internet. All five tires are now right on the recommended pressure and raring to get on the road to the next location for living.

Along the way an ant stung the OFM yesterday on his left arm. This morning the arm is developing cellulitis it looks like. The OFM man has had that infection before and is treating it with antibiotic crème. The infection has at least stopped spreading.

Then to have an evening picture we went across the street and grabbed a picture of the sunset that actually turned out to look like a jet plane dropped a bomb on Mexico.

Getting bombed would not be a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. You're a real Sole Man like Sam and Dave sang about.

  2. Darn ants! They can be vicious. Mile and a half is very ambitious. Good going OFM.

  3. Getting bombed would not be good but that photo is great!

  4. I'm surprised to learn that a cream can take care of cellulitis! A few months ago my husband's arm looked like yours. The whole arm and hand were swollen huge and looked like your arm. Based on a phone call( we'd just visited the doctor the day before, but nobody noticed the issue. These days a doctor visit does NOT mean the doctor "sees" you.). Anyway, when I described the problem, the doc called in a prescription for strong antibiotic pills. Problem gone within a few days. Maybe you caught yours soon?
    I hope it's all better. Happy travels.

    1. I have no idea if a creme can take care of cellulitis.

  5. Nasty bite. Fire ant I'm guessing. Hope that inflammation stops soon. It's really doing a number on your arm. I have confidence (really? why? I dunno) that you might actually consult a medic if it doesn't improve quickly. Meanwhile, your current parking spot looks pretty good. Hope things with the arm are better tomorrow! Ice? Geez. I dunno.

    1. It was more like a beetle the size of a fire ant. This is my third time around with this stuff. If it does not respond to my treatments I will head to a doctor for an oral antibiotic. This garbage kills folks if not treated correctly.