Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Choosing The Next Location Carefully


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-2-2022

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Tomorrow is moving day to the free county park. We spent a good bit of the morning just exploring the park to decide where we want to set up for a bit. A spot was chosen and if it is available tomorrow morning we will take it. Our current long range plan is to stay at that park until we are not staying there, then we will be somewhere else.

We met lots of new folks in both parks today. So it has been a busy fun day for sure. A lot of commentary on different folks travel choices was solicited of the OFM. He did his best to give out accurate information.

Several moderate distance walks were done. We surveyed the full hookups section of the State Park and found that about a third of them would not work for the Castle. So now we have that noted in our import information note book.

Now we still have to vacuum the Castle while we have 120 volt AC electric because the county park has no electric available. Everybody generates their own in that place.

Last of all a picture was taken of the setting sun. We hope you enjoy it.

Now we need to rest up for the morning move and trying to have tooooo much fun in a new location.


  1. Wow. A spectacular picture of a spectacular sunset! Thanks, Barney. And good luck with your travels.

  2. Move days are rough no matter how close or far. Beautiful sunset.

  3. That is a good sunset photo!

  4. HA. So in spite of the crawling on the pavement you were up and about. And were rewarded with a good sunset which we can all now see. Good.