Bumping The Bottom


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-8-2022

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Since it was the day to try out at least one of the new fishing holes, we made our way down the big hill in Sierra and found a parking spot out of the way of the fishermen's parking. Behind Sierra you can see part of the shoreline that is available. The shoreline to the far left is no entry government land dealing with care and safety of the dam. We are not allowed there on the land.

We put our old tried and true lure through the paces. The wind velocity and chill was not comfortable but we stuck with it for a good while. The lure we used, a Storm Wild Eye Shad, is a good one for bumping the bottom to see where the structures are. We well mapped the area for future use in warmer weather.

A very important thing to do when meandering around in this area is to be careful of the leg eaters. Anytime you stop to take a picture, cast a lure, get a drink of water or anything like that you must always check that you are not on a leg eaters home area. Our experience is they do not often sting but will walk up your leg to a juicy spot and try to chomp out a chunk the size of a BB. And take it home for supper.

Just move a few feet to a clear spot and enjoy the area.

Back at the Castle we were looking out the main window and saw this cluster of wind turbines from the end of a row of them. Then the sun illuminated them into something that looked like some of the thorn clusters in this area. But we thought it was a neat picture any way.

After we finished our chicken salad supper and got the dishes done, we glanced out the kitchen window and saw a nice sunset happening. The camera was grabbed, a light jacket and away we went. The OFM moved pretty well to our surprise and we got to the property fence in a couple of minutes and started composing different sunset scenes. Naturally everything to do with sunset photos has to happen very fast. We got in about five photos and chose this one to show tonight.

This area does get some pretty nice sunsets and sunrises like most deserts. All of our sunsets are over in Mexico across the lake so you have to speak Spanish when you talk to them to get them to pose correctly. Meanwhile we have big plans for tomorrow. A nice reader commented today that the OFM must never get bored with all the things we chase around trying to have tooooo much fun. Join us.


  1. Hm. I've never found "red ants" very aggressive. And in fact, have been alarmed that they dwindled in numbers after the fire ants showed up. Fire ants make the red ants seem very very peaceable. Maybe it's too dry down there for fire ants. They are on my list of bad, bad critters. Nice photos the last couple of days. And after a few more days, it should start warming up down there....chance of sleet/snow here Friday morning.....

  2. I am convinced that the ants will inherit the earth.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. I agree with the O'Buzzard! Cockroaches will survive nuclear fallout too! LOL