277 North Walking


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Today's Date: 3-28-2022

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Last night the OFM nearly broke his nose on the computer keyboard with his head flopping down with tiredness. We talked him into going to bed without trying to write a blog for the night. It was only 2100. He assumed a sleeping position and was out. About 0745 this morning he finally stirred a little. Good grief he was beat from all the fun. We discussed the situation out here and agreed on the new blog policy. Also the rest of the OFM Team members pushed him to back off a little on all the physical stuff that was wiping him out at night. He needs to give the old body better rest to recuperate properly.

So this blog entry is about a nice short walk on old highway 277.

Old highway 277 dips into a valley that used to be a major fishing creek before Amistad Reservoir came to be and flooded the valley. When the lake is low like now the old road and a couple of bridges are visible again and gives a person a great surface to walk, run or ride a bike. Our story is about the north end of the road.

You drive into the 277 North Campground and park at the far end where the road is blocked off. A full lake brings the water right to that gate so the length of the walk depends on the lake level. Here is the view looking south from the gate.

Our walk to the closest bridge was about a mile and a half round trip. Here is the view looking back at the starting point from the end of the bridge. As you can see it is a nice uphill going back.

The area is in a severe drought situation so nearly everything is dead to a crisp. Here is the view looking west at the new 277 bridge over there.

And now we get a look to the east up the creek. The OFM has walked all over most of this visible area enjoying finding little trinkets like fishing lures lost by fishermen.

At the north end of the bridge is an old boat ramp that fishermen used to put in boats for fishing here when it was just a creek headed for the Rio Grande River to the west.

The walk is an easy walk on the old road surface but the uphill does get you into aerobic breathing. Yep we carried about a bottle of water and needed it.

When the area is getting decent water, this is a very green walk and in the spring lots of desert flowers will be blooming with critters to entertain you.

In good seasons it seems to be a good location for some decent exercise and entertainment from the critters in the brush around you. In other words a nice place to try to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Find any good lures? Ah, so too. And not much in sight to change things.

  2. Glad you are taking care of you! I find that sleep is the most precious of all jewels in my old age...okay 64 feels old when I have not slept, but I still feel that if I can crack this nut, I will be gliding into old age.